10 Warm Weather Fitness Activities that Feel More Like Playing

Struggling to keep those Fitness New Years Resolutions? My workouts always seem to take a bit of a lull this time of year, but thankfully once warmer weather starts to kick in, I find myself more inclined to get out and get a good run or bike ride in, just to be out in the sun!

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Spring is also a great time to start switching up the routine as well. Our bodies get used to our workouts, our muscles quit being as challenged, and this is where you will often experience a plateau with your workouts. It’s important to keep those muscles guessing, so with warmer approaching, get outside and start doing some of these fun workouts today!


Here are 10 outdoor workouts to help get you motivated to get off your bum and start breaking a sweat while getting some much-needed Vitamin D!

  • Mountain biking. Don’t live near a mountain? That’s ok, break out your street bike and start hitting the road for a super invigorating ride! Even mountain biking through parks can be a blast! Just be sure to stay on the trail!
  • Swimming. Pools will be opening up soon, and while its tempting to just lie around in the sun, jump in the water and start working that body! No room to swim in that busy pool? Treading water is a great way to work the muscles and body too! Just swim to the deep end of the pool and move those arms and legs around to stay afloat! Pools not open in your area yet? If your gym offers an indoor pool well you should be using it! Swimming is a fabulous workout that really works every muscle. Don’t believe me? Just wait until the following day after you have swam those 30 laps!
  • Yoga outdoors. I absolutely love to do yoga outside in my back yard as soon as the weather warms up. I find that just doing it outside is a big motivator for me to be more religious about my yoga workouts too! I love feeling the sun beating down on me while working my body through some rigorous poses!
  • Strength Training Outdoors.  Got a tablet? Then you can work out anywhere, including in your backyard! Just tote out the tablet, your weights, and you’re good to go! Soak up some sun while breaking a sweat and defining those muscles!
  • Go for a Run or Speed Walk. This is kind of a no-brainer. You an run or walk anywhere, even if you live in the middle of nowhere! I personally really love an evening run when the weather starts to heat up for summer!

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  • Go for a Hike. I realize I’m lucky to live in Utah and have some really great mountain hiking trails around here. Even if you don’t live near the mountains, you can often find outdoor parks and recreation areas that can offer some pretty good hiking or at least a beautiful nature walk, anyway!
  • Go kayaking, Canoeing or river rafting. If you live near a river or lake and can get access to renting one of these fun toys, do it! Each offers an amazing upper body workout!
  • Play in the Water: Surf, Wakeboarding, PaddleBoarding. Any of these activities will give you a great workout while also helping you make the most of your summer enjoyment! I live at the lake in the summers getting in as much paddleboarding and wakeboarding as possible! Want to get a crazy tough work out in? Try Yoga on a SUP (stand up paddle) board! Yeah, you will get fit in no time if you keep up with this fun workout!
  • Beach Volleyball. I could play this sport for hours every single day! The great thing about beach volleyball is, it’s a blast because you’re doing it with others, and of course because its a game, which makes it hardly feel like a workout!
  • Skating, Rollerblading, or longboarding. This takes me back to the days of attending University. I rode my longboard everywhere; to work, to classes, out for fun, and no surprise here, I was at one of my fittest points in my life too! Feeling a bit nostalgic or just looking for a fun way to get some sun and work those legs? Grab a board or those skates, hit the pavement, and riidddeeee!
  • Bonus: Disc Golf. I had no idea what this even was until about a month ago, but courses are starting to pop up all over, and best of all, they’re FREE! Like golf you play 9 or 18 holes, but instead of hitting a ball, you’re throwing a frisbee, which trust me – can be a real workout! You’re also walking the course, no golf carts here! So you’re getting an even added bonus of exercise here by taking LOTS of steps to walk the entire course!


Whew! Now you should have plenty of fun ideas to help you have a fun, enjoyable summer in the sun, not to mention- getting some really great exercise while you’re at it!

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Happy Working Out!

*This is a sponsored post by LoleWomen. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share posts with my readers I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.
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