Got a Fashion Question? You’re going to LOVE this App: Pick My Style

Unfortunately not all of us can have a personal stylist at hand, and sometimes, well we could use a little help with our style. There’s a reason us women always take our friends shopping, so we can get their opinion on items we take to the dressing room to try on, right?!

Unfortunately as we get older, get married, have kids, etc, sometimes taking our best friend shopping with us isn’t always an option. Life gets in the way and often shopping with friends gets put to the side. Luckily there is an exciting fashion app you can use to get your “Best Friend’s Advice” on that outfit you’ve just tried on at Nordstrom! It’s super easy! Just post the pic of the outfit to the Pick My Style App, and you’ll get instant feed back from other fashion-minded users! It’s like having your own personal stylist right in the dressing room with you!

pick my style app


Maybe you’re the fashion expert and find enjoyment in helping others find their perfect style as well as helping newbies master putting fabulous looks together. Pick My Style was designed to help users get AND give advice as well as help other users when it comes to choosing outfits and creating your own personal style. It’s a fabulous community of fashionistas who love sharing their style, helping others with their style, and asking the community for feedback on their style too!

You can post several different posts when it comes to getting help with creating your look. You can create posts with questions such as “Which outfit looks best for my date tonight?” “Which shoe should I buy?” and then create a post showing the different looks, or styles, you have in mind for wearing or buying. You can also post fashion and style pictures for inspiration to other users or to keep in your own profile, as well as new trends you’re seeing. The handy bookmark feature on the site lets you save your favorite posts to refer back to later!


pick my style app

You can add as many posts as you like and sit back and wait for the votes and advice to come rolling in. The app will let you know anytime you get some advice, so if you’re at the Limited, sitting in the dressing room waiting to hear back if that faux leather midi is a GO or a NO, the app will let you know as soon as you’ve gotten some feedback! When posting looks, Pick My Style also has a handy feature to make sharing the post across your social network a cinch too! Just in case you want to share that Gorgeous sequin party dress with your Facebook Friends, you just picked up for New Years Eve!

The part I find really addictive with this app, is voting on looks and helping others with their style questions. Just scroll through your feed and you can rate each style by selecting the “Pick This” or “Kick This” button, to give your feedback. I find myself scrolling through picture after picture when I have some extra time, voting on looks and putting my 2 cents in! It’s fun and HIGHLY addictive!

You can also engage in the community with other users by commenting on posts as well. I love this because when I post a specific question about my style photo, I usually find a number of helpful comments from other users giving me some tips and more personalized advice I didn’t even think to include in my post question.

It’s super easy to use, just download the app (available for IOS and Android) sign up, and start sharing pictures and rating style!

pick my style app


Here’s where you can download the app today and start getting and giving fashion advice, inspiring style, and making new friends with other fabulous fashionistas!

IOS Download :

Android Download :


Happy Styling!

*This is a sponsored post by Pick My Style. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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