This 2 in 1 Color Changing Skirt is a Must-See!

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If you love fashion, you probably love to play with it too. I know I do! Being a true fashionista is really all about pushing the lines and boundaries. I once heard that you know you’re doing it right when the man in your life “doesn’t get your look.” After all, it’s true that we really dress for other fashion-minded women right?

That being said, I found an amazing 2 in 1 color changing skirt that he probably won’t get, but I’m betting your fashion friends will, and will love it too!

The first color-changing skirt brought to you by Chameleon.

When I first saw this skirt, I loved, of course, the idea that you’re getting twice the skirt you pay for (and might I add, this skirt is only $38 and $34 for young girls – If you jump on their Kickstarter campaign right now!) I’m a sucker for polka dots, and thankfully that is one print that never goes out. It is and will always be a classic, so although this skirt idea may be new, the skirt itself will always be in style!

color changing skirt color changing skirt

Here’s the thing though, you might be thinking, “2 in 1, oh ok so its reversible, that’s nothing new.” You’re right, it isn’t, but this skirt is NOT reversible. Yep, you read that right. It actually changes color with a twirl! Yep, not the sun, but with a twirl! In fact, so you get the idea (because I’m sure like me you are probably a little baffled at the moment), you can see the skirt in action by checking out this Video Here.

color changing skirt

Pretty “flippin” cool right! <– Get it? Flippin? hehe. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself there!

This brings a whole new level to take your look from the office to cocktails, right? Pretty Genius if you ask me! Just twirl your skirt over for a new look for your night out! The styles are matching and complimentary so no matter what top you pair the one side with, it will go with the “other” skirt too! You don’t even have to wait for cocktails to switch. Switch it up at lunchtime and see if your co-workers notice? Fun right?! This skirt can also provide some entertainment as well, who would’ve thought!

You can also pick this skirt up in a couple of different styles, or buy them all and have twice the wardrobe with 8 different looks!

color changing skirt

This skirt won’t be available for long at this amazing Kickstarter price, so jump on board, show your support, and show the world how much you love to have fun with your fashion, and even if he doesn’t get it, the rest of us will! Trust me, we’re loving it too!


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