2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Her + $500 In Prizes GIVEAWAY

1. Co-Pur Bath and Body Products

Bath products are a sure winner for any lady on your holiday list! I love keeping some of my favorites on hand to gift to the ladies in my life because that is a gift I know all women can use and I don’t know of one who doesn’t love some good bath and body products! Co-Pur is a natural bath and body care products company created by a woman and formulated with the health of a pharmacist. Co Pur is a member of Naturally Boulder, as well as the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG), so you can be sure you’re getting good quality, natural products when using the Co-Pur brand that is both safe AND effective!

Co-Pur strongly believes in living with fewer chemicals, which is why this awesome natural skincare company was created with a focus on using only high-quality simple ingredients. In fact, you’ll find only 9 ingredients or less in each product!
Co-Pur products are some of the purest and cleanest on the market. Everything created in this beauty line is preservative, chemical, fragrance, and dye free. Each product is 100% natural and completely handmade! Co-Pur products are simple and inspired by natural living and transparency. Read the rest of my review on Co-Pur Here.


Co-Pur Bath and Body Soap, balm, lips

2. Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo 

This gluten and cruelty-free Dry Shampoo is a sweet geranium-smelling loose powder that you apply to the roots and crown of the head, rub in with fingers, and it will instantly soak up that excess oil, leaving hair looking and smelling clean and fresh like you just washed it!

Bonus: Dry Shampoo is better for styling as it still has that natural somewhat-dirty texture that works best with updos. The Pure Glam Dry Shampoo is Winner of Yoga Journal’s Beat of Natural Beauty Award -2016, so you know this amazing Dry Shampoo is top of the line! It’s created using the finest natural ingredients including arrowroot, kaolin clay, and rice powder. This super convenient and easy to use dry shampoo helps to boost body and provide texture while absorbing excess oil that can leave your hair looking flat and dull. 

Tip: After applying dry shampoo, put hair up in a high bun and then let loose 5-10 minutes later for some crazy good volume! Read the rest of my Review on Pure Glam Dry Shampoo Here.

3. Fashion Art from Art.com

Got a fashion lover on your holiday list who already has everything? Surprise her with fashion art from Art.com! One of my favorite pieces, Night Out by Sarah Acquire is just one of MANY lovely pieces focused on fashion you will find here! Art.com also does custom framing as well in many different sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your fashion lover in a price range to fit your budget!

The thing I love about Art.com is they have so many pieces to choose from, you can find art for anyone on your list, no matter what their passion! Even if they aren’t a fashion lover, there are hundreds of different artworks on this site and something for everyone, I assure you! I plan on buying a few different gifts here for my loved ones this Holiday season! After all, who doesn’t love something beautiful on the wall to get lost in?!


fashion art from art.com

4. sensiLight Mini IPL at home Hair Removal – What woman doesn’t have some unwanted hair she’d love to get rid of? Save your loved one big bucks by getting her this awesome hair removal system she can use in the privacy of her home, instead of having to pay for those expensive doctor visits! At home hair removal treatments are just as effective but cost a fraction of the price! I love the sensiLight Mini because not only can it be used on arms, legs, back, underarms, and the bikini line, but you can use it on your face too! No more embarrassing upper lip!

The sensiLight Mini is FDA cleared, safe, effective, and delivers PERMANENT hair removal! It uses advanced RPL (Reactive Pulsed Light) technology with a double safety mechanism that works on every flash. It comes with a 2 year warranty and will work up to 50,000 pulses, which is plenty to treat the body AND face!

This professional grade at home hair removal system will save your loved one so much time when she doesn’t have to spend time in the shower shaving each day! The SensiLight Mini works in just 8-12 treatments to permanently remove hair for good! See My Video Review HERE.


sensical at home laser hair removal

5. Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags Unlike all the rest!
eco friendly reusable shopping bags

These shopping bags are wayyy different than other shopping bags out there. You get your nice conveniently large shaped bags that are good quality, strong and durable too, and you also get the bag that is great for keeping your cold items cold as well, but those aren’t the only wonderful things about it! No! These bags are made to fit your cart (it hangs over the sides- see pics attached to get a better idea) and it makes it that much easier shopping, unloading onto the checkout belt, loading into your car, and unloading and carrying and unloading in your house. And they are even bigger than your other shopping bag set!

I love that when using my shopping bags from the HappyCart, I can load my cold items right into my cooler bag, to keep them cool while I’m doing my shopping! I no longer have to pay attention to what part of the store to start out first and what part (the frozen aisle) to save for last!

These bags also take up the entire cart, so they keep you organized too, and you can easily see where things are in case you change your mind a few aisles later or see something better. This also allows me to keep my bread separate so it doesn’t get squished in the cart, which I’ve always been known for doing! Oops! Oh and one of the best parts! They totally Velcro together so you can take in as few or as many bags as you like, organize them in the order you like, and keep them together nicely too. Oh and they zip shut too, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out while lugging your groceries into the house. Read more and my review on these awesome Happy Cart Shopping bags Here.


6. Peppermint Essential Mints– The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

fat burning essential mintsNot only do you get yummy mints with these delicious peppermint essential mints, but you can pop whenever and get some awesome fresh breath, but it has some powerful fat-burning benefits as well! Energizing Peppermint from Essential Mints provides the clean energy to improve stamina and motivation for your healthy lifestyle. These convenient little tins full of fresh breath mints provide an all-natural energy boost and the ultimate empowerment you need to meet your workout goals, battle the onslaught of fatigue, and help you move that scale back down in the direction that makes you smile. AND who couldn’t use a little boost of energy this time of year anyway?! All that running around planning holiday parties, doing holiday shopping, etc. wipes me out and sometimes my Coffee alone just isn’t cutting it! I love that these delicious mints provide a healthy dose of energy with each serving too!

Each mini tin contains 20 mints. Just five of these super peppermint-y mints have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee! Yep, just 5! Your dosage can be individualized to fit your moment, mood, and need. The all-natural energy supplements are made with non-GMO ingredients, are Vegan Certified and contain zero binders or fillers. Read the Review on them HERE.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oil Blends from Organic Aromas

love the mood this diffuser creates in my home. It hums quietly, relaxing my mind, and the awesome mood lighting really adds not the only style to my home but a cool laid-back chill vibe which I could always use more of in my house!

The cool thing about this diffuser that really sets it apart from others (besides its gorgeously chic style) is that it doesn’t need water! I love that you never have to unplug this gorgeous diffuser to take it to the sink to feel with water! Just add 15-20 drops of your favorite oil to the diffuser, top with the cute glass top, and you’re good to go! (Just note that thicker oils, such as vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin, and patchouli don’t work as well in their pure for in this type of diffuser and should be diluted first for use in this diffuser).

You also get a much better experience smelling the pure oil non-diluted by water! And you also don’t get the unwanted extra humidity with this diffuser either! The diffuser is also much stronger than your average diffuser and can fill an area of up to over 800 square feet! It also automatically shuts off after two hours of use, however, the cool mood lighting will stay on until you turn the dial to shut it off. The dial also allows for picking your perfect diffusing power as you can go from low to high by turning it up or down! Read more about the diffuser in my review HERE.

The Essential Oil Blends from Organic Aromas are Crafted with skill and insight, each essential oil blend constitutes a fabulously complex aromatic combination. I love that each oil is mixed with an intention for a specific purpose. I can find one for every occasion, including waking in the morning with the Morning Bloom essential oil, Celebrating or hosting a party with my Celebration oil and many more!

These premium oils are made using blends that have a wide variety of therapeutic applications and benefits. So although the scent of these oil blends is lovely for filling the home with delightfully fragrant notes, they are doing some lovely things for your mind and body as well!

All ten exclusive elixirs in these two collections for Organic Aromas are made using a distinct formula for something truly unique and powerful. You will find a myriad combination of useful essential oil constituents, each aimed at providing a designated healthy function. You can use each of these unique blends to help you accomplish your goals in an unlimited number of applications, occasions, subjects, and activities! They come in a handy way more often than just using as a lovely scent! Read More on my Essential Oil Blends Review HERE.


8. Golden Star Sunless Tanning Oil 

golden star sunless tanner
Can’t take your loved one on a tropical vacation this spring? Give her the gift of a beautiful tan, sans the sun! Golden Star is one of the best when it comes to sunless tanning oils. This tanning oil goes on nice and smooth and develops within 24 hours, leaving a dark, glowing, beautiful tan! No need to worry about orange skin or streaking with this innovative formula! The lotion is virtually foolproof and great for women of all ages! The tanning oil is also insanely moisturizing too and will leave skin feeling soft, supple, and super hydrated as well!

Want to learn more about this fabulous sunless tanning oil? Check out my video review HERE.


9. Anabolic Unwind -A Sleep Aid, Exercise Recovery, Mood Elevator, & Endocrine Booster all in one!
annabolic unwind supplement
Got a fitness lover on your holiday list? This is a product they probably don’t have but will certainly benefit from, in more ways than one! Along with eating the right foods at the right time, taking the right supplement can help aid in your weight loss and weight training too! Anabolic Unwind from Nutra Innovations helps you unwind naturally post workout, but not only that! It also improves mood, boosts endocrine, relaxes the mind and body, and works as a natural sleep aid too!

I got to try it out over the last few days and have had a great experience using it. I find it helps me unwind after my day, and I feel my mind and body both relaxing in unison. I take it before bed since I normally workout in the evenings, and have found it to be a really great sleep aid. Within a half hour of popping 3-4 capsules, I’m quickly drifting off to sleep! I love knowing that this awesome supplement is aiding my muscle recovery while I sleep too, so I can wake to less sore muscles, and good energy to start my day! If you want to get the post-recovery benefits but aren’t ready to nod off anytime soon, you just need to take 1-2 capsules to get the relaxing, muscle and mood-boosting perks of this awesome supplement!  Read the rest of my Review HERE.

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  1. Pure Glam Dry Shampoo ($31 Value)
  2. Co Pur Body and Bath Products gift set(A $50 Value)
  3. HappyCart Eco-Freindly Shopping Bags set (a $36 Value)
  4. Nutra Innovations Sleep Aid ($59 value!) 5 WINNERS!
  5. Essential Oils Box Set ($200 Value)
  6. Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser ($109 Value)

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