The 4 Most Common Summer Hair Problems & Doctor Recommended Tips To Fix It

As the summer heats up and everyone is looking to enjoy some seasonal outdoor fun,
it’s easy to forget how to properly care for your hair. From the intense heat to the
severe damage water can cause, these next few months can be a nightmare for your

Doctor Recommended Hair Tips for Surviving the Summer

Enter hair restoration expert Dr. Baiju Gohil of Robotic Hair Restoration Long of
Island who provides the perfect solutions to the
most common summer hair problems.

1. Swimming in the ocean

Sea water has a high concentration of salt, which can cause leaching of water out of
your hair, thus making it dry and brittle. This can harden the overall texture of
the hair, predisposing split ends. Apply a conditioning treatment prior to entering
the ocean. Leaving the conditioner is vital to keeping hair moist and soft. Finally,
use a protective hair cream with SPF rating.

2. Days at the pool

Chlorine water strips your hair of oils that are essential for keeping hair soft and
natural; without the oils hair would eventually look like hay. The application of
oil and silicone-based products is best in combating the effects of chlorine water.
Another option is to apply coconut oil, which helps slow down the absorption of
chlorine into the hair.

3. Sunbathing

Prolonged exposure to the sun will damage the outside cover of the hair strand,
called the cuticle. This can cause the hair to discolor, become dry and brittle, and
even create split ends, thinning and frizziness. Wearing a hat is the best solution.
You can also apply and leave in conditioner and/or a protective SPF hair cream.

4. Humid Days

Human hair is extremely sensitive to humidity. Straight hair becomes wavy and curly
hair turns frizzy or even curlier. Humidity causes hair to absorb water differently
and unevenly, making it difficult to style. Extra conditioning will help slow down
the absorption of excess water. Trimming dried out spilt ends will help minimize
frizzing of your hair on humid days. Use a silicone based sealer and limit exposure
to the sun’s rays, which can cause drying and damage to your hair.

*Dr. Gohil is a board-certified surgeon and Fellow of the American College of
Surgeons, dedicated to hair restoration and hair loss treatment. He opened Robotic
Hair Restoration Long of Island  in July of 2015 and
continues to transform the lives of his male and female patients.

Happy Beautifying!

Which one of these common hair problems are you facing most this summer? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!

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8 thoughts on “The 4 Most Common Summer Hair Problems & Doctor Recommended Tips To Fix It”

  1. Humidity is my enemy! The slightest but of moisture frizzes my hair up so bad, it’s hard to get a comb through it!

  2. Dana Matthews

    I did not know about using coconut oil BEFORE getting in the pool. Of course it makes sense…just didn’t realize it! I’ll be using this tip!

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