5 Frugal Ways to Expand Your Living Space

Everyone wants to avoid the plight of outgrowing and resenting the living space. This could happen due to family growing or lifestyle changing. Either way, there is no need to panic and sell right away. Expanding your home ensures it still accommodates your wants and needs. The only problem is that additions usually cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, there is another way, around major expenditures like building the roof and foundations. Then again, to maximize your living space that way, you need to play it smart and be creative. So, get ready to think flexibly and out of the box.

Expanding outdoors

In case you have a yard with empty space, expanding in that direction is a no-brainer. You have a chance to establish a strong connection with the outdoor area without blowing the budget. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to pull it is to create an outdoor room. There are various options when it comes to designing it. You could, for instance, opt for a premade gazebo, which comes in various styles, colors, and sizes. Note also that anything you can find inside has a weather-resistant counterpart: rugs, furniture, drapes, lighting, canopies décor, you name it.

Finishing an unutilized space

One of the most common strategies is a custom-built home addition. However, it is also a quite costly project. A frugal alternative would be to finish an unfinished section of the home, such as attic, basement, and garage. Conversions like this add value to your home and it is possible to recoup up to 80% of the investment. You do not have to lay the foundations, build walls, and invest in a new roof. The lion’s share of the investment goes into painting, refurbishing, and electrification. Still, you might want to hire a contractor in order to achieve pro-looking results.

Raising the roof

If you are living in a dense urban area and cannot expand horizontally, do not fret. You have the option to go vertical and raise the roof. Those who are prepared to ranch up and install new stairs can get a whole new floor. This project is a bit more on the expensive side, but it could do miracles for your home. At the very least, your rooms will be much taller and appear way larger than they were before. Just bear in mind that you might need additional equipment like elevated work platforms. Ladders might do the trick, but it is preferable to opt for aluminium scaffolding and stay on the safe side.

Double-duty rooms

One smart approach does not really add more square footage, but increases the utility of the current space. We are talking about letting rooms do double duty. Namely, most spaces do not have to be restricted to their intended purposes. For example, an official dining room you barely ever use serve as a home office. There are many other innovative options. Add a simple futon and transform a part of your living room into a guest bedroom. Construct a loft bed. Explore other projects ideas like repurposing a garage to double as a children playroom.

Set up a pavilion

Assembling a pavilion is an exciting proposition. A small, standalone sanctuary like this is a perfect spot for pastime and relaxation. Naturally, for it to work, you require a site that is large enough. After all, you are moving away from the main building. Feel free to opt for a different style than the original home, but try to complement it. In any event, prepare your yard for an outdoor structure. The site should be level and flat for proper drainage and support. And because pavilions (just like pergolas) have no base, they have to be attached to a concrete foundation or continuous post footings.

Working magic on a budget

Despite what some people assume, you do not have to break a bank in order to gain extra square footage. There are many opportunities to transcend the limitations of the cramped and choppy layout. Take a good look at your living space and take into account your functional needs. Come up with a plan and formulate a budget. Do not hesitate to rely on professionals to finish your project with flying colors. Consider the ideas presented above, but leave a personal mark. Make it happen and add much-needed square footage at a reasonable cost.

Happy Styling!

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