5 Items for Your Upcoming Wedding that Don’t need to Break the Bank Sponsored by La Senza

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Planning an upcoming wedding in the future? The task of planning a wedding can be seriously daunting, especially if you’re on a budget and especially if your budget doesn’t fit a wedding planner into it either!

Luckily, planning a wedding doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. There are so many great resources out there these days to help you plan it down perfectly to the T and keep you completely organized along the way so you won’t forget that cake cutting knife or the guest book!

I planned my entire wedding all by myself back in 2006, and I did it all for under $5000! While I would recommend spending a little more on a fabulous venue, meal, and flowers than I was able to on this tight budget, it’s still proof you can do it for less than you think if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices here and there. Read on for some of my tips on how to make your money go the absolute furthest when it comes to planning a wedding!

5 Wedding Items you don’t need to shell out big bucks for:

1.  The Wedding Night Lingerie. Weddings cost enough, the wedding-night lingerie shouldn’t add to the ridiculous bill. Shop one of my favorite sites, La Senza, and I promise you’ll be amazed with how far your money goes on some sexy, luxurious-looking and feeling lingerie for the big night! Pick something from The Bridal Collection and you know you’ll look amazing. Your bae probably doesn’t shop around for lingerie and will have no idea how much (or how little) you spent. 

5 Items for Your Upcoming Wedding that Don’t need to Break the Bank Sponsored by La Senza5 Items for Your Upcoming Wedding that Don’t need to Break the Bank Sponsored by La Senza

5 Items for Your Upcoming Wedding that Don’t need to Break the Bank Sponsored by La Senza

2. The Bridal Shoes – Chances are, they won’t be seen anyway! Unless you’re wearing a short summer dress for a destination wedding, save your money and wear some white or metallic shoes that (*gasp*) you already own or pick up something on the inexpensive side. Remember. you’re going to be on your feet ALLLL day long, so pick out something comfortable and inexpensive! I actually wore bedazzled flip flops under my long flowing gown and no one even saw them!

3. Invitations, Thank You Cards and Save the Date Invites. Unless you have some grandeur idea of a complete over-the-top wedding invitation, most places these days are going to design invitations pretty well the same, regardless of what you spend. Save some bucks by opting for cheaper card stock and printing so you can put more $ into the more important things like the dress, venue, flowers, decor, cake, and food!

4. The Wedding Party Gifts. Sure, it is awesome that your best men, maid of honor, and bridesmaids are taking their whole day, weekend (or possibly even the whole week out for your destination wedding) but don’t feel the need to go all extravagant on the bridal party gifts. Remember that they’re still enjoying a night of lovely dining and free drinks, and hopefully some fun too! Pick out a gift that will really mean something to them, and is something you know you’re maid of honor would love, or go with a classic flask or cufflinks for the best Man, customized jewelry, picture frame, or pretty vase for the bridesmaids. A gift around $30-$50 per person is fine, and there are plenty of perfect gift options to choose from in this price range for men or women!

5. Bridal Hair/Makeup. Sure having your makeup and hair done for the big day is a big load off the mind, but if you’re looking to save some dough (and time!) consider doing your own or having a friend with the skills do it for you! I spent months ahead of time trying out new makeup looks every day and then taking a photograph to help me decide which makeup look would be best for my big day! Then I spent the few weeks prior to my wedding practicing applying my makeup for that perfect look so that when the most important day of my life came, I was prepared and had my look down and the muscle memory to do it in about 15 minutes – perfectly!

My sister has always been amazing talented at doing updo’s so I had her try out some looks on me until I found the perfect one, then had her practice that hairstyle on me a few times including for my bridal photos, and she was able to do my hair on the day of the wedding exactly how I had envisioned, and how we had practiced.

Also, if you feel a little less confident doing your makeup, visit a department store and get some tips from the pros and have them show you how to do some looks. Most stores will do this for free with no obligation to buy the product, but you just may find that perfect lip color your wedding day deserves too!

Hopefully, you’ve got some tips in mind now to help you plan out your wedding without going overboard. Remember that not everything needs to be expensive, although it can seem like it when you’re planning a wedding. Pick the 3-4 things that are most important to you to splurge on. For example, these items might be the photographer, venue, and food, or the DJ, food, and dress. Whatever they may be, put your money into the items sure to be the showstoppers or the memories, then shop around and find the deals on the other items you’re not so concerned about, like the flowers, veil, bridal lingerie, and/or cake. Also, consider renting any or all of these items instead of buying to also help you save money on your big day, so you can put that savings into the fabulous Caribbean honeymoon, or start your marriage out in just a little less debt!

Happy Shopping!

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