5 Ultimate Time-Saving Beauty Hacks You Need to be Doing Right Now

Ugh, its annoying how much time is spent just on getting ready for the day. Over the years my days have filled up and I find it hard making time to get in everything I need to that day, let alone the things I would like to do! Too much time is spent doing mindless tasks that suck away the day. Doing my hair and makeup can be fun for a big night out but when it comes to the everyday grind, I want to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible and on with my day!

Over the years, I’ve found some pretty amazing hacks to getting in and out of the bathroom and being done with my beauty routine in less than 5 minutes flat! Wondering just how to do this and how to save yourself some time each morning from now on too? Read on for my 5 best Time-Saving Beauty Hacks!

5 Beauty Hacks that will have you out the door in less than 5 Minutes! 

1. One of the best things I’ve ever done was invest in an at-home laser hair removal system, and spending the time getting rid of unwanted hair for good! It takes a few treatments to work and only works on darker hair (sorry blondes, but it won’t work for you, as the laser needs pigment in hair to attach to in order to remove). But if you are willing to invest some time into it (about 5-7 treatments over the hair growth cycle), the results will be well worth it! I did this years ago and now I never have to shave my underarms and most of my bikini line! This saves me a lot of time each day in the shower!  Time Saved: 5-10 minutes shaving each morning.

2. Speaking of showers, they can take up a lot of time in the morning, Especially if you’re washing your hair. Shower at night and do this little trick when washing your hair that has saved me 20 minutes the next day just doing my hair: When hair is wet, put up into 3 buns on the top of your head and let air dry overnight while you sleep. In the morning, pull out your buns to reveal super curly hair! Add some styling cream when you wake in the morning and you’re good to go! Want wavy hair instead of curly? Put your hair in a braid instead of a bun(s) and wake to beautiful beach waves! Time Saved: 20 minutes on blow-drying and styling hair.

5 time saving beauty hacks you need to be using right now

3. Interested in other ways to save time on washing and styling hair? Hair Experts agree that washing hair daily can be damaging and drying to hair. Instead, wash hair only 2-3 times a week. Eek, but what about dealing with that dirty hair? Pure Glam Performance Root Powder is an absolute must-have for extending your style without looking like you haven’t washed your hair in a few days! The Newest product by the innovative hairline, Pure Glam, soaks up oil, with just a few shakes onto the scalp, and gives hair amazing texture, lift, and volume which also makes it that much easier to style too! It acts as both a dry shampoo and styling paste! When using this product, hair looks fresh and clean, and no one will have a clue you didn’t wash it. Tip: Shake onto scalp, put hair up in a bun and let it do its magic while you brush your teeth, apply your makeup, and eat breakfast. Just before you’re ready to head out the door, remove bun, give hair a good shake, and voila, You’ve got instant style and your hair is ready to go! Time Saved: 45 mins-1 hour on shampooing, blow-drying, and styling hair.

4. The look of freshly polished nails is an instant mood lift, but the time put into doing it is not. Nails require filing, buffing, and lots and lots of painting. Base coats, two coats of color, and a top coat, not to mention the time needed to dry between each coat!  Getting your nails done in the salon is nice and relaxing but will cost you even more time! Save yourself time each week by doing an at-home gel manicure. While all gel manicures are not created equal and some will not save you much time doing, there are some fabulous gel polishes on the market now that require only a curing lamp, but no base or top coat, or even a second coat! You can get a gorgeous manicure in 5 minutes flat AND it will last you much longer than a traditional manicure, needing to be painted only once a week. Tip: Paint a nice thin coat as a goopy or too thick coat will not cure completely, is more likely to smudge, and will cost you time when drying. Time Saved: 30-60 Minutes each week on nail painting.

5. With hair, skin, and nails covered, the only thing left to suck up your time in the morning is makeup. While it would be nice to walk out makeup-free, most of us just aren’t going to do that. Makeup can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on the extensiveness of it. To save time, practice creating a 5-minute face. There are lots of makeup tutorials out there that can help you achieve a look in 5 minutes flat. There are also lots of other great ways to save time on applying makeup in the morning.

  • Organize your makeup and keep your daily makeup must-haves all on one place, so you’re not wasting time looking for product.
  • Use your fingers instead of brushes. Anytime you can use liquid makeup instead of powder, and apply with you fingers instead of a brush, you’re going to easily shave minutes off your makeup routine each day.
  • Use multitasking products. I love a cream blush that works great for lips and eyelids too! I also love a primer, eyeliner and mascara in one, and an eyebrow pencil you can use as eyeliner too. Add makeup drops to moisturizer to save time applying both a moisturizer AND foundation. You’ll save time switching out products and eliminating steps in your makeup routine!

Time Saved: 10-20 Minutes on Applying Makeup.


Hopefully armed with these 5 beauty hacks, you can start your day off easier and quicker and have more time spent doing what you love! After all, feeling confident in your skin is a must, but spending too much time in order to do so, is not!


Happy Beautifying!

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Do you have any awesome beauty hacks? Please comment below, I love hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “5 Ultimate Time-Saving Beauty Hacks You Need to be Doing Right Now”

  1. Amber Ludwig

    So much yes to laser hair removal!! I am seeing that its getting cheaper and cheaper thankfully!! Maybe one year I;ll be able to afford it!! I want like everything done lol!! Shaving is EXHAUSTING!!!

  2. This is a great article. Thank you for sharing your tips. I especially love dry shampoo as well. It saved my butt the other day when I had zero time and an important event.

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