The 8 Most Popular Gifts of Mother’s Day 2016

 The flowers have been delivered, the gifts have been opened, Mother’s Day has once again come and passed.

While us ladies can be a tricky bunch to shop for, there is something even more daunting about the task of shopping for Mom. Maybe that’s because someone so special deserves something wonderful, and it can be extremely difficult finding the perfect thoughtful, meaningful gift to show Mom exactly how much we care!

The peelers at have offered up some of their favorite, and most popular  gifted and received Mother’s Day Gifts this last Sunday, to help you shop prepared next Mother’s Day! And no honey, that Trout Soap on a Rope is not one of them!


Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts for 2016

1. The Charm Necklace – Mom’s love a thoughtful gift, and a charm necklace is a great way to show mom you care by giving her a gift she can personalize and add special charms that have meaning for her.

Product Peeler – Boston Blake picked out and won his mom over with the the Origami Owl Locket Charm Necklace this year. “The reason we originally chose to get her something from Origami Owl, rather than a piece of jewelry from a local store, is the personalization that comes with the gift. The necklace has a small, see-through locket, that has enough space to fit numerous birthstone pebbles or other fun items that Origami Owl sells.”

Blake also went on to say that this makes a great gift Mom can keep adding to with the birth of each grandkid.


2.  A Watercolor Portrait – A portrait of someone special to mom can make and amazing gift, and one that will have her smiling every time she looks at it. Not only is it something beautiful for the home, but something Mom will find meaningful too.

While Mom may already have a special portrait of her family, her pets, or of something meaningful in her life, she probably doesn’t have it in watercolor! This is such a fun, unique idea to help mom display her loved one in style!

Product Peeler – Taylor Winters picked up a beautiful watercolor portrait of Christ for her mom this year, that her Mom ended up loving and hanging in her bedroom. “When I came across this unique watercolor portrait of Christ I thought it would make the perfect gift. It was something she didn’t already have, and was lasting unlike flowers or a gift card.


3. A Beautiful Piece of Jewelry: The Watch of Course! – There probably aren’t a lot of Mom’s out there who DON’T love a gorgeous piece of jewelry, but even if you’re mom is not into delicate, expensive pieces, a piece that looks lovely AND is functional too is always a safe bet!

The Watch is a great Gifting Idea for Mother’s Day! Watches, like jewelry, come in dozens of different styles so It’s a good Idea to study your mom’s jewelry style before purchasing one. Some watches are sporty-looking made with leather straps, other’s are very small and delicate (often found at the jewelers) and others are more fashionable, on the bulkier side, and sometimes full of bling!

Product Peeler – Natalie Gifford received a Michael Kors watch from her Husband this Mother’s Day and had this to say about it “So, my husband was being thoughtful and attentive with this gift, because he knew I would love it. He got me the Michael Kors brand and this one is a little bit blingy. He and I both love a little bit of that especially in a watch. I love the diamonds around the face and the way the center looks. It’s not too heavy, the ceramic is a lot heavier than this one. And it’s really high quality.”

A beautiful Watch can be an instant hit with most Mom’s, but as Natalie stated above, being attentive of the kind of jewelry or gift your Mom would like most will of course make the most impact.


4. A Beautiful Brightly Colored Journal – This is a great gift for just about any mom. Whether your mom journals or not, a bright bounded writing tablet can provide mom with a place to doodle, write down grocery lists, her thoughts, her ideas, recipes, and so much more!

Product Peeler – Natalie Gifford chose the journal for her mom because, “A journal can be used for everyday notes about something, keeping track of a project, or writing about experiences in life. I like that it is an open book, to write what you want in. Hopefully she loves it too!”

5. A Yummy Fruit Bouquet – Food is always a hit, and fruit that comes in a bouquet made to look like flowers, well what could be better for Mother’s Day?!

Product Peeler: – Maria Tedjamulia said of her Fruit Bouquet Mother’s Day Gift “My husband hit the jackpot! In reality, he hits the jackpot every year by sending me one of these beautiful fruit bouquets. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh flowers, but I can’t eat those!”


6. A Card that will have Mom Laughing Instead of Crying – I’m betting Mom got plenty of Sentimental, tear-jerking cards this Mother’s Day, but do you think she got one that had her on the ground rolling? Mom already knows how much you love her so make her smile with laughter with a funny card she never saw coming!

Product Peeler – Taylor Winters got her mom an Emily McDowell card for this Mother’s Day, and had to say this of it “They are unconventional, and real, and hilariously funny which makes them perfect for anyone, but especially those of us who may not be really good at expressing ourselves, or who don’t feel like Hallmark cards ever say anything that you would actually say.”

7. A Barnes and Noble Gift Card – You can substitute this for any gift card to your mom’s favorite store or restaurant, but if you’re having trouble figuring out what that is, Barnes and Noble is usually a safe bet! B&N carries a wide range of books, magazines, games, movies, music, hobbies, collectibles, and fun products for the home too! There is virtually something for every mom here!

Product Peeler – Lynn Van Kaam got her Mom a B&N gift card this year with the thought in mind, “My mom LOVES books! So It’s sort of a no-brainer to get her a gift card for Barnes & Noble so she can pick out whatever book she wants. She always likes this gift so I’m happy.”


8. A Cake Ball Maker, Because why not? – Is Your Mom a sweets lover? I’m willing to best most Mom’s are and what better sweet to offer her for Mother’s Day,  than cake?!

Product Peeler – Alison Snelson picked one up and made some Delicious Cake Balls for her Mom this Mother’s Day, and this is what she had to say about it, “What I love about this cake ball maker is that it is fast (there are 12 in a batch and they cook in about 3 minutes), easy and so much lighter than the cake ball purchased at a bakery. Cake balls from a bakery are very dense and rich and a little too much for me. But these cake balls are light. One box of cake mix makes about 60 cake balls and I like to coat them in white or milk chocolate. The ratio of cake to coating is perfect! Really, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!”


Mother’s Day FAIL – The Fitbit Aria Scale

A post on Mother’s Day gifting wouldn’t be complete without a “What Not to Do” gift! Remember how I said above that a vacuum or gym membership might not be the best route to go? Let mom relax on this special day, don’t give her anything that requires work – and that includes when it comes to her health!

Product Peeler – Patrick Tedjamulia found this out the hard way this year by gifting his wife a Fitbit Aria Scale for Mother’s Day. While the thought and gesture behind it was really sweet and thankfully his wife picked up on that, the first reaction to a gift that requires her to check in on her weight may not always go over so well. Patrick said this of his wife’s reaction to the gift, “When I showed her, she was speechless. Her reaction was something like this: “On Mother’s Day, you got your wife a scale”


Whatever your Mom is into, One or more of these popular gifts (except the Scale- Please just don’t do it!) are sure to make a thoughtful gesture AND a Happy Mom, when gifting your Mom Next Mother’s Day!


What are some of the Best (Or Worst!) Mother’s Day Gifts You’ve Received or Given to Mom? Visit to Peel your favorite!

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