An Absolute Must-Have Fashion App for Everyone: The WeStyle App Review

In this day and age, there truly is an app for everything! In fact, thanks to a new FREE fabulous style app, called WeStyle, by the makers of FittingRoom, you can get fashion advice directly from other fashion lovers! I love some good fashion apps, but I’ve found this one by far to be the most addicting not to mention the most interactive.

Wondering how it works? It’s super fun, you just build your own profile (takes seconds) then post your looks either for inspiration or fashion advice from other WeStyle App users. Posting couldn’t be easier either! Just choose a photo from your device, pick the format for your photo (you can choose different style boards if you have several different looks for the outfit, such as a close up on the bag, shoes, etc). Then just ask your question if you want advice, it just has to be in Yes or No format. If you don’t want advice on your look but simply want to share it with the community, you just simply select the “Inspire” star, and then post and that’s it! You also have the option to block out your face when posting looks if you would rather keep your privacy.

I posted looks from my blog, but you can post anything you like, whether it be a selfie in the mirror or an outfit lying on your bed, you’re wondering wether looks good together or not. I’ve also seen other users post several different looks and ask the community which one they should wear, and to vote yes on that look.

If you’re not into getting fashion advice or sharing your inspiring looks for other, you can browse the looks other users have posted and put in your 2 cents!

At first I thought I would just post some looks and get some input and not worry so much about voting yes or no on other looks, but once I started scrolling through the looks and outfits, I found it quite addictive to vote and let other fellow We-Stylers know what I thought of their look. (And don’t worry when voting, your vote is kept private). You can also comment on looks which I found myself doing a bunch because I was absolutely impressed and stunned by a lot of looks I saw on the app! In fact, if you are a little hesitant about style and not sure what goes together, besides getting input from other users, this app and the other users looks are incredibly inspiring! I found a ton of fabulous looks I wanted to imitate!

To give you an idea of what the app looks like, here is a picture of my profile page. As you can see you can upload a picture, so I used my blog profile picture. If you’re a fellow blogger, you have the option to add your blog so your fellow WeStyle users know where to find your fabulous site and hopefully you can get some more follows and hits to your blog this way too!

Below my picture you can see I have posted 7 looks and have made 31 votes. You can also follow other users so their posts show up in your feed. Otherwise you can just scroll the “Discovery Section” of the app to see all recent style posts to the app.

Here is a shot of my profile page showing the looks I have posted to WeStyle.


And here is one of my posts I posted asking for advice from fellow WeStylers, which was, “What do you think of the blazer paired with the mini dress?” I got 27 votes on this look as you can see, and I apparently did pretty good with this look because 96% of voters said “Yes, It looks good!”


Here is the notification section of the app that lets you know when other users have voted on your looks. You can also set this up in your notifications of your settings so that you get notified any time someone votes, if you’re looking for some advice right away so you know which outfit to wear for your big date tonight!
You can also see that you will get lots of advice and votes on looks. This community is very active so I found even needing advice right away, you could usually get quite a few votes pretty quickly!


This app has lots of cool features. When posting looks, it also gives you the option to post your look to your Twitter or Facebook so you can share looks or get input from your friends on Facebook and Twitter too!

I’m totally head over heels for this app and since I started using it, I find myself on there all the time browsing through looks! I’m also super excited to post a new look to see what the community thinks of it too? I also love using this app for instant advice on what to wear that day!

This app is great for everyone from the novice fashionista to the very experienced stylist! You can share your inspiration or be inspired by others. Plus voting on looks is honestly just a whole heck of a lot of fun! You’ll see what I mean! Oh, and it’s not just women on this app too! You will find lots of men too, and believe me, for some reason I have the most fun giving advice on the men’s looks, plus I’m completely intrigued with some of the great fashion I’ve seen by the men who use this app too!

So what are you waiting for? Get the WeStyle App Today and be inspired!

Happy Posting!

*This is a sponsored post by WeStyle, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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