Antidote for Aging’s Brazilian Peel Review

I had never tried a brazilian peel before so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. The only peel I’ve ever used is Dr. Gross’s Chemical Peel, and have only used that once so I don’t have much experience in the way of peels.

The packaging for the product is very nice. I thought the syringe was kind of weird, but honestly fun to use. It was easy to open and apply and the directions were very easy to read and understand.
Once applied to the palm of your hand you mix with two fingers until it becomes warm, then quickly apply to your face evenly, staring with your forehead and working your way down to your neck. It is then left on for ten minutes. I felt my face start to get dry and tight towards the end but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, just felt a little weird. I rinsed it off with cold water afterwards and it turns into a slimy paste and comes right off your face.
Afterwards my skin didn’t feel dry or irritated at all. It felt smooth and seemed a bit more luminous than normal. Because I’ve never done a brazilian peel before I wasn’t exactly sure what the results would be. I thought my skin seemed a bit more bright but I think I need to try this a few more times in order to notice a real difference in my skin.

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