Are We Healthier in Lockdown: New Findings

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With Americans having had more time on their hands, and in their houses, than ever, Myprotein commissioned a survey via YouGov to find out if we were actually healthier in lockdown, compared to before lockdown.

Some key findings were:

  • 62% of Americans changed their eating habits during lockdown 
  • Over ¼ of Americans worked out every day during lockdown.
  • 56% of Americans reported a concern with their health during lockdown.
  • 16-24-year-olds were most affected by their sleep during lockdown.

Myprotein nutritionist, Jennifer Blow, adds: ‘Having had a concern about your diet during lockdown was completely natural. When we’re bored or stressed, people often find themselves reaching for snacks (rather than making something fresh and nutritious). This could have been having the time to learn how to cook a new dish or get into batch-cooking’

The survey also found that 75% of Americans were working out during lockdown, with 63% doing weekly exercises. 

Plus, 63% of Americans in the Northeast had at least one health concern, with people who said their diet suffered, being the top worry.

The next three major health concerns come as no shock for fitness enthusiasts.

26% of Americans were concerned they had lost strength, 22% were concerned that they lost muscle mass and 20% were concerned that they lost cardio ability.

Are We Healthier in Lockdown: New Findings

For more stats and info please see the full report here.

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  1. I’ve been sleeping well, but have really missed swimming 3 times a week. (my bathtub is just not big enough…)

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