The Many Benefits of Using Essential Oils & How to Effectively Use Them

No one really prepares you for middle age, especially when it comes to your health. I realize now just how much I took my perfect health for granted in my 20’s as little issues here and there have started to creep up in my 30’s. And well… the body just isn’t quite functioning as perfectly as it once was. Ohhh The Joys of getting older!

After battling some frequent infections this last year that good ol’ western medicine just wasn’t solving unfortunately,  I turned to eastern medicine instead. Homeopathics to be specific. I’ve also always been big into Yoga and have heard a little bit about the chakras, and how the energy of the body can influence our health, but I really didn’t know much about it. And with this, I’ve also heard plenty about essential oils and just how great they can be for not only filling your home with lovely lively scents, but for also helping with mood, helping you relax, and helping the body heal from health ailments too!

So only recently did I start learning more about essential oils and all the many benefits they can have. In fact, in a quick google search, I found over 100 different uses for them! Wow, pretty amazing right?!


Ways you can Benefit from Using Essential Oil:

  • You can use them to clean your home. Lemon Essential Oil is fantastic to mix in cleaners to get a fresh, lovely, clean scent around your home.  I add some to my dishwasher to keep it clean and give my dishes a bit more of a sparkly clean too! Works great for cleaning the fridge, and burnt pans too!
  • You can add them to your skin care products and lotions to experience extra benefits to the skin and body! Sandalwood (for wrinkles), lavender, frankincense (for sun spots and stretch marks), and geranium (for wrinkles) also have amazing anti-aging benefits on the skin!
  • You can use them to detoxify the air.
  • Use them to keep bugs and spiders (eek!) out of your house!
  • Certain oils also work great as natural bug repellant for your skin too! (Just be sure to dilute essential oils with lotions or waxes first as pure essential oil can irriate the skin).
  • As in my yoga experience, using essential oils work great for clearing the mind and bringing spiritual enlightenment. I diffuse them while meditating too!
  • Oils such as lavender Oil is great for helping to calm, and relax the mind, and help you fall asleep easier.
  • Certain oils are also great for helping with mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.
  • Lemon Oil works great for cleaning produce! No need to buy those expensive produce washes!
  • Use Tea Tree Oil to kill mold!
  • They work amazing for massage therapy as a lot of the oils are great for calming the skin and relaxing the mind.
  • Use Peppermint Oil to freshen breath! I also use it in my toothpaste!
  • You can use essential oil as a perfume (again be sure to dilute first!)
  • Frankinscnse, Lemon, and Myrhh work great for strengthening nails!
  • Get rid of dandruff by using rosemary and lavender.
  • Sandalwood and Lavender make good deep conditioners and rosemary helps thicken hair!
  • Lavender oil combined with coconut oil work great for dry, cracked feet!
  • Peppermint oil breathed in helps to relieve nausea. Both it and lavender are great for relieving headaches too.
  • Eucalpytus is great for relieving coughs.
  • Lavender soothes bug bites and irritated skin, as well as soothes burns.
  • Peppermint oil helps with digestion.
  • Inhaling bergamot, grapefruit or peppermint oil helps improve concentration.
  • Grapefruit oil can improve circulation.
  • Peppermint can help relieve motion sickness.
  • Frankincense and lavender can help relieve allergies when inhaled deeply.
This is only a small portion of how many benefits essential oils can provide for your mind, body, wellness, and skin! Be sure to see the full list of 101 Uses at

Along with learning more about essential oils and their many benefits, I did a little research into the chakras and the areas of the body where I have been experiencing some yucky health issues. I then picked up some lovely essential oils to try out for myself, including Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Peppermint, Clary Sage, and Jasmine. I mix one or more of these with a body butter and rub onto my chakra (which I happen to use for my Sacral Chakra, located just a few inches below the belly button). I also diffuse them in my super chic, Raindrop.  Not only does this diffuser look like a beautiful piece of art, but it lights up and changes colors too, and fills my home with these lovely, fantastically scented, body, health, and mind-benefiting essential oils.

I love the mood this diffuser creates in my home. It hums quietly, relaxing my mind, and the awesome mood lighting really adds not only style to my home but a cool laid-back chill vibe which I could always use more of in my house!

aroma diffuser


The cool thing about this diffuser that really sets it apart from others (besides its gorgeously chic style) is that it doesn’t need water! I love that you never have to unplug this gorgeous diffuser to take it to the sink to feel with water! Just add 15-20 drops of your favorite oil to the diffuser, top with the cute glass top, and you’re good to go! (Just note that thicker oils, such as vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin, and patchouli don’t work as well in their pure for in this type of diffuser and should be diluted first for use in this diffuser).

You also get a much better experience smelling the pure oil non-diluted by water! And you also don’t get the unwanted extra humidity with this diffuser either! The diffuser is also much stronger than your average diffuser and can fill an area of up to over 800 square feet! It also automatically shuts off after two hours of use, however, the cool mood lighting will stay on until you turn the dial to shut it off. The dial also allows for picking your perfect diffusing power as you can go from low to high by turning it up or down!

The Organic Aromas Oil Diffuser also comes with handy droppers for adding oil to the diffuser, and it also comes with their own special blend of essential oil that is absolutely amazing! I can’t get enough of the lovely rich, unique, sweet scent. Its benefits include relaxation, aiding in opening the respiratory tract, and works as a strong antiseptic too!

Learn more about this amazing oil diffuser at or Buy it Here on Amazon.


Happy Diffusing!

*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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