Why the Basic Table Lamp is a Thing of the Past: BESTEK LED + A GIVEAWAY

Ever noticed how it takes so many lamps around your house to use for different types of lighting?  I have my bright LED lamp at my desk to help shine some extra light on my computer while blogging. I have my dimmed softer table lamp for getting ready for bed, and I have a separate reading light too. I find myself often carrying around these different lights around the house, because oftentimes, one single lamp just doesn’t do it! I need different light settings, brighter lights, more relaxing mood lighting, and no single lamp ever seems to do the trick all on it’s own!

This is just one of the reasons the basic table lamp is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Basic lamps also often use basic bulbs that burn out quickly and are not as light or energy efficient either, which is one of the major reasons LED lighting has come on so strong over the last few years. You get great, bright lighting that saves on your energy bill and virtually never burns out either!

Style is often a major factor for many of us (I’m sure if you’re reading this blog, like me, you won’t sacrifice style for comfort – at least not often!) This is exactly why I’ve turned my back on some of the newer LED lighting and lamps that have recently popped up on the market. I need something stylish and sophisticated that says I care a lot about the design and style of my home, and most LED lamps I’ve seen say anything but style!

Well.. that is until now! The new BESTEK LED Desk Lamp is the first LED lamp to prove me wrong, that style does NOT have to be sacrificed for convenience and better lighting! It’s beautiful modern, sleek design is exactly what I look to when adding decor to my home. The lamp looks gorgeous whether it’s displayed at your desk, at your bed side, or your living room end table.

Why the Basic Table Lamp is a Thing of the Past: BESTEK LED + a GIVEAWAY

The innovative Eye-Care Dimmable Modern Table Lamp completely eliminates the need for any other lamp-lighting in your home too! This all-in-one LED lamp offers four different Lighting Modes with five different levels of dimming to give you the perfect lighting, whether you’re reading, studying, working, sleeping, or relaxing! Each mode offers a different type of light, and within each setting, you get several different levesl of brightness. This lamp makes it virtually impossible to NOT be able to find the exact perfect lighting for whatever you’re doing!Why the Basic Table Lamp is a Thing of the Past: BESTEK LED + a GIVEAWAY

As a chic, environmentally friendly, low-cost LED light source, I’m sure like me, you will impressed, and delighted by its reasonable price and wide-range of appealing features too! The elegant lamp is adjustable in three different places, and pivots in every possible direction, so you’re able to shine light directly on whatever you’re working!

Check out my video review on this awesome lamp below:

Interested in picking one up for yourself? Check them out today HERE on Amazon, and check out all the rave reviews! – The LED Lamp is available in black or white for just $37!

Happy Shopping!


Also, the lovely people of BESTEK are letting me GIVEAWAY one of these fabulous LED Dimmable Table Lamps to one of my lovely readers!

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28 thoughts on “Why the Basic Table Lamp is a Thing of the Past: BESTEK LED + A GIVEAWAY”

  1. I’d use this lamp for my Desktop Computer desk at night when I am on the computer reading emails and blogging and entering giveaways. The one I have now it’s a pain in the butt and the one you have looks amazing and looks simple and just enough brightness!

  2. We need this at the computer desk. It’s so dark – the windows face west and get practically no light!

  3. Linda Szymoniak

    I have a computer stand I use for my laptop, but the light in the room is in the middle of the ceiling so I get some shadowing on my screen and keyboard. This would be perfect for giving me adequate light for working on my computer.

  4. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    This lamp would be perfect for my desk! I use my desk for everything such as working on my laptop, crafting, you name it….

  5. Melissa Storms

    I would gift this to my son if I won. He has a desk lamp but this looks so much better for where he does his homework.

  6. gloria patterson

    I would use it on my desk. I live in a senior apartment building that was build in the early 80’s. No ceiling lights and where my desk is it is very dark.

  7. I would use this lamp on my desk. I moved in to a new apartment and there is little room lighting, so a new lamp would be perfect!

  8. I would use it mostly in my room for reading, studying and for any crafts or just lighting the room 🙂

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