A Better, More Supportive Mattress for a Better Night’s Sleep: Spoon Mattress

My boyfriend and I recently took the big step to move in together. As a woman in her mid 30’s if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I’m very particular, and quite stubborn too. I know exactly what I want and compromise, even for my very easy-going natured-self, has become very hard for me.

During the last 3 weeks as we’ve set up our new home together, I’ve learned he is even more like me than I thought. We butt heads on how we like things to be set up around the home quite a bit,  and we’ve had a few squabbles about what nightstand to get, where to place the new couch, and what cars are going in the garage. Among these disagreements, we also found ourselves with the good old bed problem. His mattress is hard as a rock, and I’ve seen him actually sleep on the floor for a good nights sleep! I know, crazy! Me?! Well, I’m the complete oppositive of course! My bed feels like a cloud. It is huge, and puffy, and has a pillow top AND a memory foam topper too! You seriously melt when you lie down it! My boyfriend has always complained about my bed being way too soft when he has slept over, and when I’ve stayed at his place… yep, I’ve told him how much I’m not a fan of his bed too! Luckily for me, my bed (being that it’s bigger) won, and we’ve been sleeping on that. But because it is so over-the-top soft, he sinks into the middle and I know it’s been rough on his poor less-than-perfect hips from his surgery after a major wakeboarding accident he had years ago.

So of course, it naturally came up one night “We need a new bed” as I was cozying up in my corner, sinking into my super soft, plush bed. The cloud I have been sleeping on for the last few years quickly turned to a dark instead. 🙁 “Oh man, I love my bed so much, I can’t even think about a compromise on this.” I’m a light sleeper as it is and have always been super picky about beds and where I sleep, the thought of getting a new mattress we could both actually agree on, literally made me sick to my stomach, because I knew he would want the super firm, and I might as well be sleeping on the floor myself if that’s the case!

Well VERY lucky for me, I got it hit up by an awesome mattress company, called Spoon, that makes and sells amazing memory foam (mattress in a box) mattresses for both the firm and soft-bed lovers, just in the nick of time!

Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress 

I love my memory foam topper and the added softness it added to my already soft bed, so I immediately loved the idea of trying out a memory foam mattress. The difference between Spoon and other mattresses-in-a-box brands, is that Spoon uses a firmer, more supportive, sleep pillar design, which is created to help with back, hip (my boyfriend is now happy!) and shoulder issues!  It uses high-grade engineered memory foam pillars that contour to your body perfectly (sort of like it gives you a big hug and “Spoons” the body), even after hundreds of thousands of compressions.

I’m happy because Spoon offers a unique comfort to the body. While it’s not super soft, it does allow for pressure point relief while sleeping to help you relax, and sleep better and deeper! It has several different layers, each providing their own level of comfort. My Boyfriend is happy because the mattress is firm, supports his hip while he sleeps and keeps him from sinking into the mattress and hurting his shoulders.

Spoon also has a cool layer designed just to help you sleep cooler at night too! Each layer is designed to provide maximum airflow, which in turn keeps you cooler while you sleep. My boyfriend sleeps like a heater, and I sleep so cold I curl up to him to stay warm and the poor guy wakes up in a sweat! I haven’t noticed him sweat since we have started sleeping on our Spoon!

Spoon mattresses also have a protective spill-proof cover, so if you spill that coffee or that night cap in bed, no worries!


The Unboxing:

Spoon mattresses show up in a big box all rolled up. My bed is a king, so it was a pretty good size mattress that arrived!

Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress 

Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress  Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress 

Once unrolled and placed on your bed frame or mattress spring, your new Spoon Mattress will take about 48 hours to fully expand and reach its full sleep-well potential!

*Make sure you see the “Spoon” Logo on your mattress at the foot of the bed, so the pillars will hit your body in the right placement. I messed this up the first night and wondered why my bed wasn’t feeling as comfortable as I thought it should!

Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress  Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress  Spoon Mattress: A firmer, more supportive memory foam mattress 

And Voila! It looks great, right?!

I’ve found my Spoon mattress is not quite as thick as other mattresses on the market, but none-the-less, it still provides some pretty amazing support and comfort to the body, for a good night’s sleep.

Interested in trying out a Spoon Mattress for yourself? Visit them today at SpoonSleep.com!

Happy Sleeping!

*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.


9 thoughts on “A Better, More Supportive Mattress for a Better Night’s Sleep: Spoon Mattress”

  1. Its so crazy how large it expands from what is delivered!! Im been hearing so much about these mattresses but we have yet to take the plunge! Was there a yucky smell? Where did you sleep for the 48 hours it took to expand?

    1. Hi Amber, I noticed no weird smell at all. I actually couldn’t wait and still slept on it the next couple of nights. It was def more firm that first night then if softened up quite a bit once it expanded more.

  2. I am seeing quite a few of these beds on boxes. It is totally amazing how large they are after they are out of the packaging. How do they do that? It sounds like a terrific bed for you both and thats the best thing.

    1. Hi Ellen, I had to get this from the sponsor, but here is how it works:

      The process is similar to how you might squeeze the air out of a packing bag when you’re storing your winter sweaters. Same concept with Spoon. All the air is removed from the foam, allowing it to condense. Then we just roll it up and put it into the box. The opening is pretty magical in how the mattress expands and blooms to full size within minutes.

      Hope that helps! Thanks so much for your comment and all your support! xoxo

      1. Pretty neat how they do that! Thanks for the explanation, I bet it is pretty dramatic when the mattress ‘takes its first breath’ and expands in front of you!
        I am loving the idea of this and it would also be greener, as you reduce box size and transporting it would be more economical too!

  3. Omg, having the same problems here with both our beds (haven’t moved in together…yet), but we are twice your age (nearly) so talk about Goldilocks and the 3 bears, err beds…lol. It’s going to take that new 3rd bed to make it just right.

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