Your Body Beauty Must-Have for Spring: Oliën Body Sugar Scrub

As a beauty blogger, I get to try many beauty products but often times I have so many coming in, that I use them long enough to do my review, then move onto the next product and eventually end up giving my prior beauty products away to friends and family, or completely forgetting about them all together. Every once in awhile, though, I will come across a beauty product that there is no way I’m giving up! I may have new beauty products coming in to replace it for my next review, but you can bet I’ll be right back to this must-have beauty product as soon as I’m done trying out the latest. AND it’s a product that I will still purchase when I run out, even though I am already receiving a ton more of that same type of product from other brands!

Well, this amazing Sugar Body Scrub is one of those AHH-MAZING beauty products (sorry friends and family, but I’m not passing this off to you!) This product is just too good, and I want it all to myself! Unlike a lot of sugar body scrubs out there, that are mostly sugar and usually pretty dry until you add a little water from your shower to it, this must-have citrus scented exfoliating coconut oil and fine sugar scrub from Oliën Body is incredibly moisturizing! So rich and creamy, I feel it instantly hydrating my skin, even in the wet shower! It is thick and luscious, and even my super dry heels look and feel much smoother and softer instantly when using this awesome scrub! It also smells incredibly delightful too!

Olien sugar body scrub

This lovely scrub is just one of the many amazing skin scrub’s you can purchase from this fabulous line! They also have lavender, eucalyptus, and vanilla too! Each scrub is 100% Organic and contains natural virgin coconut oil, essential oils, and fine sugar, as well as other high-quality 100% natural ingredients, for a gentle, super moisturizing, yet exfoliating experience, your skin will thank you for!

After two weeks of using this scrub a couple times a week, my skin is looking brighter, healthier, and more youthful too! And I can’t believe how soft, smooth, and moisturized it feels coming out of the shower! My skin is so dry that normally I have to run to my lotion after stepping out of the shower because my skin is already drying up and feeling rough and agitated. But when using this scrub in the shower, my skin feels like it’s already been lathered up with an incredibly moisturizing, rich and creamy lotion! This is exactly why I love this product so much and won’t be pushing it to the back of my beauty closet anytime soon- ok, – EVER! Oh no, this baby is staying right in my shower where I can continue to use it for smooth, youthful, super hydrated, glowing skin!

All Oliën Body scrubs are handmade and yet totally affordable too because you can get it right from the source, with no middleman markup! Oliën Body is majority owned by one of the partners at Dr. Squatch, which is the fastest growing high-end men’s soap company in the North America – so you know you’re getting quality, loved products from Oliën Body!


What are you waiting for lovelies? Step into smooth, soft, glowing, youthful skin this spring with Olië! – Also get FREE SHIPPING on all US orders!


Happy Beautifying!

*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

7 thoughts on “Your Body Beauty Must-Have for Spring: Oliën Body Sugar Scrub”

  1. Oooh it sounds divine!! I love that they are handmade and have such amazing scent selections!! What a fantastic way to slough off the winter dry skin!!

  2. gloria patterson

    this scrub sounds good……….. I have to be careful about scrubs some of them are so oily and the tub gets slick. As a senior that is not good. So I like the non oily type

  3. This sounds amazing! I’m not as diligent about applying lotion at night as I was when I was younger, which is silly because I need to do it more now that my skin is aging!

  4. gloria patterson

    I finally found this scrub and I have to agree with ever word you wrote. Love this and will be buying more

  5. Oh, yes! Handmade items are THE best! And the lavender and the vanilla ones sound very calming for the evening , I think for me, the citrus would be better for morning showers because it’s energizing.

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