Cruelty-Free and its Importance in Buying Cosmetics

Hey lovelies, I just wanted to share a quick post with you that hopefully most of you will find interesting and helpful too. Being a beauty blogger, I’m constantly reviewing makeup, cosmetics, and skincare. Being a vegetarian, Animal Cruelty is a huge issue for me, and although I blog about fashion and beauty (which tends to be the worst possible culprits for animal abuse) it’s a constant battle for me. Buying animal cruelty-free products has become extremely important to me over the years. I am moving more and more towards more cruelty-free fashion, and of course cruelty-free cosmetics.

In fashion, its usually pretty easy to see what you’re buying and whether it’s coming from an animal or not. (Don’t be persuaded by the industry to believe that buying wool-free is cruelty-free, because the sheep lives. This is certainly not always the case! In fact, lots of abuse is reported each year from companies using wool!) You can buy the faux and vegan leather, and make sure fur is always faux. Sometimes labels can be sneaky though. For instance if that supposedly faux fur handbag says “Angora” o the label, its actually made from rabbit, and the fur industry is by far one of the worse for the pain and suffering animals go under, having their fur painfully ripped off of them, often while they are alive!

What has really amazed me is how sneaky the beauty industry is. Which is the whole purpose of this post today. I recently got lash extensions, and was told I need to use oil-free products to preserve the life of my extensions. Being a beauty blogger, I am lucky enough to receive so many products to review, (most of which I make sure are cruelty-free before ever agreeing to review) I rarely ever have to buy them. Going through my bathroom closet though,  I realized quickly I didn’t have oil-free products and was going to need to buy some.

I got on amazon to start comparison shopping and found lots of Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and other acne fighting, oil-free products. What I didn’t realize, that nearly all of the brands listed in this category are not cruelty free! Yes Neutrogena and Clean and Clear test on animals! I was shocked to learn this! Even Revlon, and Revlon owns nearly everything! So be extremely careful when buying!

I used the handy Cruelty-FREE app to plug in name brands and find out if they are indeed cruelty-free or not. You can upload this app to your iPhone or droid HERE, and look for the leaping bunny or “vegan” listed on the label of product to know you’re buying cruelty-free.

Also, think its just bunnies getting tested on for cosmetics? Nope, its cats and dogs too! Lots of different lovable, perfectly helpless animals are subjected to this horrible cruelty daily! It’s not harmless by any means, either! Over 100 million animals are devastated by this testing yearly, and suffer ruthless infections, poisoning, crippling, burns, and abusive treatment, and even death.

See the facts on Animal Testing from here.

(* I stole this poor bunny image from PETA)

Also, I recently had this argument with my husband, so I know a lot of people are under the misconception that animal testing is absolutely necessary so that people aren’t exposed to harmful effects of products.

This is an absolute LIE the industry is telling you! Scientific research has advanced so much that there is absolutely no need to test on animals to be sure products are safe for human use! Duh! That’s why there are already plenty of wonderful cruelty-free brands out there not testing on animals, because you don’t have to!

Also, I found this fabulous blog with lots and lots of cosmetics companies listed, to let you know wether they are cruelty-free or not. Check out Never Too Much Glitter’s fabulous post HERE. I found this amazingly helpful for finding oil-free, cruelty free products (which I went with Natural Beauty for Life’s Green Tea Cleanser!)

Here are some of the brands I will be shopping in the future from now on:

Lush Cosmetics
Bath and Body Works
Kiss My Face
Hard Candy
Physicians Formula
Too Faced

and many, many more! You can always check the brands website and most will list if they are cruelty-free.

Happy life-saving shopping!

xo xo

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  1. That poor bunny! I have a guinea pig so this picture pisses me off. Companies that practice on animals are going to hell and I hope they all go bankrupt and end up living on the streets with the sewer rats where they belong.

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