The Debut of MOT MAG, A New Vegan Lifestyle Magazine + Get $50 Off a Luxury Vegan Handbag from Ministry of Tomorrow

Hey, Hey! Listen up my fellow Vegetarian and Vegan’s – and those interested in living a more sustainable, animal-friendly existence!  Eco-fashion house, Ministry of Tomorrow announces the launch of MOT MAG, a new radical Vegan lifestyle magazine featuring an array of provocative articles that aim to inspire conscious living.

The Debut of MOT MAG, A New Vegan Lifestyle Magazine + Get $50 Off a Luxury Vegan Handbag from Ministry of Tomorrow

The quarterly digital magazine publishes stories told from alternative perspectives that draw attention to world culture, promotes sustainability and conscientious choices that benefit humanity and our planet.

MOT MAG reports on high fashion, plant-based living, revolutionary movements, highlighting whistle-blowers, activists, environmental and societal issues as well as spirituality and world music.

The magazine’s target audience is young spirited people who are educated, individualistic and crave authentic and meaningful life experience. “MOT is not promoting to the me too crowd” said Julian Prolman, founder and president of the Ministry of Tomorrow and publisher of MOT MAG.

Feature stories in MOT MAG’s inaugural issue include exclusive interviews with; NY Times bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, about his latest addition to the ‘Conversations With God’ series and with PETA founder and executive director Ingrid Newkirk, who shares her personal journey in an intimate open letter.

“MOT MAG is one of the ways we are creating a culture that expresses the ethos of the Ministry of Tomorrow brand which is centered on free thought and respect for nature”, said Prolman.

MOT MAG is a free publication with a voluntary subscription. Subscribers will receive news updates, advance announcements to MOT Events and exclusive promotional offers for Ministry of Tomorrow goods.


Animal Rights is a cause that speaks loudly and strongly to my own heart as I made the switch to become vegetarian 6 years ago, and have slowly been making my way to live a more vegan lifestyle by not eating animal products and by not buying any more animal-made fashion. See my Post on Animal Cruelty and the importance in Buying Cruelty-Free HERE.

Why Should You Shop/Eat Vegan?

I think Julian Prolman, of Mot Mag and Ministry of Tomorrow, said it best…  “Vegan is a choice. “No harm” should not be a difficult choice to integrate into business or daily life. In the same way, cannibals believe it is morally acceptable to eat humans, as a society we have come to accept that eating the flesh of dead animals and wearing their skin is normal. But it’s just not normal.” Prolman uses ultra high-quality vegan, organic and sustainable materials to make the case, that it is possible to achieve luxury without causing harm to animals, people or the environment.

Why Leather?

“What gives us the right to take an animal’s life and skin, then clothe ourselves with it or put our stuff in it. We don’t need to do this as there are endless alternatives. If we don’t choose an alternative to leather, then we are choosing to participate in an endless act of cruelty.  It is monstrously repulsive when you think about it, but it has nonetheless become acceptable in society.  We do this so mindlessly. What does this say about us as a species? It says we have been conditioned to accept cruelty and lack respect for life and not even think about it. Take a step back and consider the processes to make leather; imagine a living animal suffering excruciating pain, trauma and fear just before it was murdered and then having its skin ripped off its body just so a person can enjoy an ill-schooled perception of quality leather. This is sick!  We have no right to do this just because we can.  It’s time for new thinking, a new moral compass.” – Prolman

The Debut of MOT MAG, A New Vegan Lifestyle Magazine + Get $50 Off a Luxury Vegan Handbag from Ministry of Tomorrow

Ready to take a more compassionate step toward helping animals? Pledge to go Vegan today! Share this post to help spread awareness, and subscribe to!

And be sure to read this inspiring story on Ingrid NewKirk, founder of PETA – “Never Be Silent.”

Also, The lovely and very generous people of Mot Mag, are giving you $50 To shop the cruelty-free Ministry of Tomorrow‘s Luxury Vegan line of Handbags!

Hint, Hint! They have some gorgeous luxury men’s briefcases, backpacks, and messenger bags if you haven’t gotten Dad a Father’s Day Gift Yet!

Use the promo code: MOTMAGXMYSTYLESPOT at checkout to get $50 off!

Happy Reading & Shopping – Cruelty-Free!

*About the Ministry of Tomorrow:  headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is a for-profit social enterprise that designs and produces high-quality, eco-luxury, vegan accessories and garments and markets direct to consumers at
**The purchase of MOT products enables sustainable development by providing income-generating opportunities for people in marginalized places of the world. MOT represents a new frontier for a way of doing business based on love for all and the notion of responsible commerce.


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  1. I do have a tendency to shop vegan (why would I wear animals?), and although I am not a vegan in my eating habits, I am moving more and more toward vegetarianism. (I don’t think I could ever give up cheese!) The only (semi-)quarrel I have with MOT MAG’s mission is that their target demos are YOUNG people. Are not older people worthy of sharing these ideals? ….just my opinion…..

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