Decorating for the Coming Spring: Spring Decor Tips

During the middle of winter, our minds begin to drift to the future—spring cleaning, spring makeover, and spring decor.

You don’t want to commit to spring decor too early, but you do want to reflect the warming, changing weather.

Here are some things that you can swap out to slowly change out your fall and winter decor for spring decor!

Decorating for the Coming Spring

Heres a quick rule of thumb to keep in mind. Darker warm (red, orange) colors make a room feel cozier while lighter cool (green, blue) colors make a space feel brighter and airier.

It’s why traditional Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn decor colors are orange and brownish earth tones. That way, when the leaves are falling, and the weather is getting colder, you can feel all warm and cozy!

Swapping Decor

However, after many months of cold weather, you’ll want the weather to start feeling warm again. The best way to incorporate the changing of winter to spring into your space is to swap out autumnal and wintry earth tones with new colors! Here are some great ways to do that:

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are simply a gorgeous way to decorate. Using beach houses and sunrooms as a model, change up the paint color of your space from something dark to a light mint, sky blue, or soft purple to really make your space ready for the spring!

Flowers and Plants

Nothing says spring like the return of plants! Add succulents, a spider plant, a peace lily, a jade plant, or any other plant to really incorporate some nature into your space. If you’re not in your apartment or house enough or are just a bit forgetful, fake plants will do the trick!

Sheer Curtains

Replace thicker curtains with thin, sheer curtains! It will allow more natural light into the space, making it feel larger and more vibrant. If you get colored sheer curtains, the sunlight can filter through and cast colored light into the room.


This probably is not the first thing you think about when changing up seasonal decor, but changing your bed linens and throw blankets throughout your space to a light color or white will make it truly feel like spring!

White Framed Artwork

Even little things like changing out your photo accouterments can make a difference! Adding some black and white photos into your space in large frames with lots of negative white space can bring a springtime vibe into your space!

New Decor

Adding wall murals or wallpaper, like that from Limitless Walls, is a great new way to add springtime flair to your abode! The peel-and-stick murals are easy to put up and remove, and can be reused multiple times!


Just like we learn in elementary school, birds fly south for the winter and then come back north when the weather begins to warm up. A nature scene with birds on your wall says, “welcome back, spring!”


Like birds, certain butterflies, like the Monarch Butterfly, migrate south for the winter. The return and emergence of butterflies is a classic signal that spring is just about to begin. A nature mural featuring butterflies will highlight to you and your guests that springtime is just around the corner!

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