Dog Fashion: The Holiday Gift Guide

Dog Fashion: The Holiday Gift Guide

Now that fall/winter season is here we wanted to include something different from the fashion industry and that is pet apparel. This includes dog hoodies, sweaters, shoes and even costumes for the holidays. ‘Tis the season so spoil your loved ones, so we put together a holiday gift guide filled with different ideas you can give to your loved ones and their pets.

Gifts For Her

Jewelry & Designer Collars: Dog jewelry and tags are a great gift this holiday season for your pup. Don’t be fooled this isn’t just for your pets! There are also necklaces in which you can customize the dog pendant inside which will remind you about your dog during the day.

Clothing & Jackets: Get a matching outfit for you and your dog. There are a wide variety of shirts, yoga wear, and pajamas that you can gift this holiday season for your dog. You can look up a matching set and look furbulous with your pooch to match.

Home Goods/Decorations: We all know that one person who likes to show pictures of their dogs. Having personal wine glasses with their dog on it is a great gift option this holiday season. Dog paintings have also started to blow up take one of their favorite pictures of their dog and have an artist paint it. This is great if you are looking for a more personalized gift.

Gifts For Him

Hats: If your significant other loves their dog a hat with their dog on it. This gift is great for dog dads who spend a lot of time on the road and for those who really like hats. These can be either painted or embroidered either way he will love the gift. Plus, they also have hats for dogs as well where you can get a matching set for both.

Key Rings/Chain: Chances are his keyring or chain is loose, broken or about to break. From keyrings with dogs adorned on them to engraved paws on the keychain. These can be a great gift if they need a new keychain. 

Mugs: You can either paint them yourself, choose a pup inspired design or submit a photo and print their picture on a mug. There are loads of different options to choose from so pick the one that suits your needs.

Gifts For Your Puppy

Holiday Sweaters/Costumes: Since the holidays are here why not match costumes with your puppy. You can dress up your dog this Halloween with superhero-inspired costumes and even some ugly Christmas dog sweaters. The holiday season is about inclusion so let’s include our pups as well.

Beds: Chances are it’s time for a new bed! With winter rapidly approaching their bed is probably overdue for a change. If your dog is getting up there in years an orthopedic dog bed can also be a great gift for them since it will take the pressure off their joints.

Treats: Every dog wants treats. With holiday-inspired dog treats that look like Christmas trees, pumpkins, menorahs it is a perfect gift to commemorate the holidays.

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  1. gloria patterson

    No dog so I have never dressed one. But I have to say some dogs really look stupid in some of the things they are dressed in. I fee l sorry for the poor dog. Then some really look good and the dog knows they look good.

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