Don’t Let Spring Humidity Wreck Your Hair!

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April Showers brings May Flowers, although it seems like this year May is bringing the showers big time, at least here in the West! Unfortunately for most of us that means frizzy hair, thanks to all the humidity. Madison Reed besides offering some of the most amazing at-home hair color around, also has as great new line of styling products designed to fight the frizz, give your hair great hold, and condition and protect your hair. With summer coming, I’m all about products that will condition and protect my hair!

The Style and Tame set is the perfect hair care set to take you from the humid spring to the hot, sunny summer! I won’t be leaving the house without these products!

Madison Reed Hair Styling Products


What you can expect from the Style and Tame Set by Madison Reed:

  • Lightweigh, frizz-free hold with STYLE
  • Smooth and shine your hair with TAME
  • Extra nourishing of the hair with natural hydrating oils
  • Beautiful smooth waves or a sleek straight style
  • You can make a one time purchase or schedule convenient deliveries if you’d rather not deal with the hassle of re-ordering! (You can cancel anytime!)
Find your great style today! Check out to get FABULOUS hair regardless of the spring humidity and summer heat!
Happy Styling!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Spring Humidity Wreck Your Hair!”

  1. Cathy Jarolin

    Madison Reed’s Style and Tame set Sound like the se we all need in the Humid Weather! I am wondering if it does the same foe static Electricity in your Hair?? That’s what I suffer with sometimes! My hair is so fine it doesn’t usually get fuzzy. It may if I got a Permanent.But that is not the case as of now! Than kyou for this informative review!!

    1. I’m actually not sure but do you know what works awesome? A dryer sheet! Just rub it through your hair before walking out the door! I’ve done this trick several times!

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