A Pretty Amazing-Feeling Cleanser: Dr Brandt Foaming Cleanser

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Foaming Cleanser, so when I received this sample I was so excited to try it!

I love anything that has to do with pampering, and of course like any girl, I LOVE getting a facial! When I first saw this product I was immediately anxious to try it.
Dr Brandt’s Detoxygen Oxygenating Facial goes on in a thin layer after washing. The directions say not to rub it in but to let it it soak into your face for about five minutes. The facial is intended to give you more radiant, youthful, luminous skin. It is built with a protective shield to help neutralize toxic effects on the skin.
When I first applied, it went on nice and smoothly, and didn’t take a whole lot of product to get a nice, even thin layer.
After about a minute, it started to tingle and foam. I loved the sensations. It tickled a little bit as it started to foam, but I found it soothing and relaxing. After about five minutes, most of the bubbles had disappeared and it was time to rinse. It looked like nothing was left on my skin but when rinsing, I felt a thick, smooth layer of product on my face I had to rub off gently to remove.
I have super dry skin and the first thing I noticed after rinsing was how silky and smooth my skin felt.
The second step is to apply the Cream Concentrate serum to leave skin purified, clarified, and more youthful looking. The cream went on nice and smoothly, and I loved how rich and creamy it felt.
After using this two step facial, I noticed my skin was much softer, smoother, moisturized, and it seemed to glow a bit more than usual. Today it feels incredibly moisturized and plump.
Dr Brandt’s Detozygen Oxygenating Facial is a little pricey (around $75) but if you’ve ever tried any of Dr Brandt’s products, you know its well worth it!
You can check the product out and buy it here at on AMAZON.
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