Elizabeth Grant Heavenly Lips Melon Lipstick Review

Looking for that perfect shade of lipstick for spring? Well I just found it! Elizabeth Grant’s Heavenly Lips Lipstick in Melon! This beautiful lipstick is such a pretty pinky-orange shade! When I first got it I thought it was pretty similar to other shades I had, that was until I put it on! As soon as I saw it on my lips I was in love! Its such a alluring shade,  but also kind of a neutral at the same time. I love the color and thought it went really great with my skin. The color is perfect for spring! It brightens up the face and adds some cheeriness to your look, which is exactly what spring calls for, right?! I also loved how versatile this lipstick is! I can pair it with my normal toned-down makeup, and because its pretty neutral, you can still wear it with a darker eye look. 

Pretty color right? I also loved how incredibly moisturizing this lipstick is! In fact, to be perfectly honestly, I usually stick with lip glosses, because I already have naturally dry skin and lips, and I live in an even drier climate, so I really hate how most lipsticks dry out my lips even more and make them feel super tight! I usually avoid them for this reason.

I was so pleasantly surprised with Elizabeth Grant’s Heavenly Lips Lipstick! It really is incredibly moisturizing, even after being on your lips for an hour! It feels more like I’m wearing chapstick than lipstick!

Overall, I was super impressed with this lipstick and its moisturizing abilities and I absolutely adored the exotic Melon shade! I will be wearing this lipstick all spring and probably well into the summer! I think its the perfect addition to any look to brighten it up!

Are you a bigger fan of traditional red and pink? Be sure to check out ElizabethGrant.com and take a look at their other beautiful shades of Heavenly Lips lipsticks!

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