Is Your Expensive Anti-Aging Skin Cream More Effective? These Findings Might Surprise You: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


One of my first jobs was working in retail at my local supermarket, in the health and beauty aisle of my small college town in northern Utah. At only 19 years old, I was more interested in the cosmetics than the skincare. I had a very basic cleanse and moisturize routine, and the last thing on my mind was anti-aging. I was only 19 after all! I often found myself knee deep in skin creams, cleansers, toners, exfoliants, and masks, carefully stocking them on the shelves. And you know what? I started to pay attention. I would pick up a pretty bottle of cleanser and think, hmm, I wonder how well this one works and if it dries out my already super dry skin. I’d pick up a bottle of toner and wonder what exactly it was for. Then I’d move onto the moisturizers. For some reason, the moisturizers always seemed to look the prettiest and most alluring of the products on the shelf. Probably being that I was often dealing with dry skin, a good moisturizer started to sound more and more appealing, even with all the crazy anti-aging ingredients I wasn’t worried about participating in just yet. It wasn’t long before I picked up a bottle of Olay and to be honest I have no idea why it called to me the way it did. Maybe it was the beautiful, luxurious and sophisticated packaging, or maybe it was because I knew of this brand well, having seen it on radio and television commercials. But, I found myself interested in this moisturizer more than any of the others, and when it came time to buy a new moisturizer, I bought it! And, well the rest is history ladies! Skincare Myth Exposed: Pricier Anti-Aging Skin Creams aren't Always Better or More Effective than the Less Expensive Ones: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream As early on as age 19, I’ve been an avid lover and user of Olay skin care products. I soon figured out later that it’s never too early to start using a good anti-aging moisturizer. Because of this, I’ve always used the best anti-aging creams and products I could find! I loved my Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream not just for its awesome anti-aging benefits, but even when I was young and didn’t need them. The creamy rich, soothing, yet lightweight skin cream moisturized my dry skin better than any of the other skincare creams I had tried, which is what made me immediately fall in love with it. It also is an insane plumping powerhouse, which makes skin look healthier and more youthful – no matter what your age! When I got a little older, and money was a little more readily available, I remember thinking to myself, “maybe it’s time to try out a pricier department store skin cream and see what kind of results I can get from using that!” It’s got to be better, because it costs more, right?! Wrong! I started dabbling in a few high-end products here and there, and later on, as a beauty blogger, I’ve been sent tons and tons of skincare products to try – some as expensive as $400 for a night cream! What I quickly found is that I had some ok experiences with some, but certainly not all of them, no matter what the price. I quickly realized that spending my hard earned money on a big fancy expensive skin cream was probably not the best idea, because it’s just too hit or miss, and oftentimes I found myself completely disappointed in the results, especially after what I had just paid for it! So, you know what happened? I found myself going back to Olay and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculping cream, again and again, and I still do to this day! Turns out, I’m probably not alone here, and for good reason! An independent test by the Good Housekeeping Institute, used engineers, scientists, and other experts to rigorously test the best skin creams and evaluate them based on performance, ease of use, safety, durability, and design. The GHK Beauty Lab also conducted clinical and blinded consumer studies, where scientists collected more than 10,000 hydration measurements, and you know what? Olay rose to the top! The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream outperformed 10 top prestige creams (including one that costs as much as $440!) – and the Olay Sculpting Cream only costs around $26! Wow, that is pretty insane and something definitely worth noting! It turns out, you don’t have to spend a fortune on effective, innovative, top anti-aging ingredients when it comes to your skin cream! I must have known it all along, I just didn’t realize it! Olay is a worldwide leader in skin care and has been trusted by women for over 60 years. There are so many new skincare brands popping up on the market each day, it’s hard to know if they really work or not, because not many people have tried it. In this day and age, reviews are everything, and for a brand that’s been in business that long, and has helped more than 80 million women on five continents, obtain beautiful, healthier, more youthful-looking skin, you can bet there are tons and tons of positive Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculping reviews out there!

Olay has introduced a re-engineered formula in the #1 selling anti-aging moisturizer and continues to hold to the philosophy it was founded on: to maintain a deep understanding of women’s changing needs and to combine products that fit their needs with the latest advances in skin care technology, without having to pay premium prices!Skincare Myth Exposed: Pricier Anti-Aging Skin Creams aren't Always Better or More Effective than the Less Expensive Ones: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting CreamUse morning and night after cleansing for best results!

The Facts on Olay Regenerist Sculpting Cream:

  • It’s fast acting! When tested at the 3-hour mark, Olay moisturizes 400% better than a cream nearly 18 times its price AND beat all the other products tested!
  • It provides long-lasting hydration. Olay increased moisturizer by an incredible 50% in just 24 hours!
  • It has an innovative lightweight texture. In blind comparisons, consumers preferred Olay 80% of the time over expensive creams, reporting that it felt rich but not heavy. – This is single handily what made me fall in love with Olay the first time I ever used it!
  • It uses effective firming and plumping ingredients for a more youthful look. Olay contains niacinamide (Vitamin B3) known for boosting cell turnover and maintaining skin’s moisture barrier, as well as hyaluronic acid, which is known for holding up to 1000x its weight in water! Olay and the use of these amazing skincare ingredients, improves skin’s texture by 10% in just four weeks!

Along with these two powerful and effective ingredients, you can also find other skin-benefiting ingredients such as Carob Seed Extract which aids in skin repair and regeneration; Amino-Peptides which help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Panthenol (Vitamin B5) known for soothing and moisturizing skin; Vitamin E for protecting against free radical damage, Olivem (a derivative of olive oil) which has been shown to increase the penetration of anti-aging ingredients into the skin, and Glycerin, another super intense moisturizing ingredient. Olay also recently did their own study with 155,000 women and found that 80% of skin’s anti-aging destiny is within women’s control and not related to genes! This is great news for all of us! The Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Results You Can Expect to See from Using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Daily:

  • Visible wrinkle results start as early as day as the first use!
  • Day 1: Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin is more hydrated and appears brighter too.
  • Week 2: Skin becomes noticeably firmer and the elasticity is also improved
  • Week 4: The look of wrinkles can be reduced so much that it can take up to 10 years off your face!

I think my before and after pictures says it all! Check out my results in just 1 week of using my Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream: Is Your Expensive Night Cream Really More Effective Than Those Cheaper Brands? These Findings Might Surprise You: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream I can already tell the wrinkles and crows feet around my eyes are softening a bit! My skin has also felt much more hydrated, and is smoother and softer too! Interested in trying Olay Regenerist out for yourself? Visit to learn more and purchase today! Happy Beautifying!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


16 thoughts on “Is Your Expensive Anti-Aging Skin Cream More Effective? These Findings Might Surprise You: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream”

  1. You’re so young and pretty anyway! But an old fart like me needs to look into this more closely. Not that I would spend $400 for a face cream, really! I’m coming for you, Olay!

  2. I’ve used Olay on & off for many years. I really like it a lot! I could never afford expensive creams even if I wanted to try them. Olay if fine with me!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. My dermatologist told me exactly this. He said he has had people come in to see him who spent $500 on skincare from places like holy renfrew and he had hem throw everything out and use cheaper and more effective products. The two items that cost the most in my skin care routine are my serum (high upfront cost but it lasts a really long time) and my face wash which I use everyday. Honestly, I’m not complaining because my skin looks amazing!

  4. Linda Manns Linneman

    I really like Olay products. They seem to really work for my skin. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  5. Jennifer Boehme

    Wow, I had no idea how well this worked and for 60 years, amazing! Thanks for the review with the info, I learned something I didn’t know.

  6. (Is Your Expensive Anti-Aging Skin Cream More Effective? These Findings Might Surprise You: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream) Sounds like a wonderful product to try out.

  7. It has been years since I bought a “luxury” skin care product as I keep up with the science. In studies, Olay’s ingredients always seem to shine!

  8. I’ve been hearing good things about this. Also about Olay Whips, for a light, feather like feel in a moisturizer treatment.

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