Expert Guide to the Perfect Essay

Essay is the most common type of writing assignments students have to do during their academic career. Application essays, descriptive essays, biographical essays, argumentative essays, and plenty of others are already an integral part of the educational process. Do you know how to properly write each of them? and some other professional academic writing companies do! Indeed, to order a custom paper or to hire an experienced writer to help you with your writing is an all-in-one solution to many academic problems. However, what if you want to write all those papers yourself? Hasten to assure, you can do it, but with a little help from essay experts. So what is the secret of a perfect essay? Consider the following guidelines, and you will have a much greater chance of getting a high grade for your paper!


  • Look at essay as an opportunity to tell the story.

No matter what type of essay you are assigned to write, don’t forget that it is just a story, not a burden. Moreover, it’s your chance to tell your story, to express your point of view, and to prove your position.

  • Plan and schedule.

A good essay requires planning and organization. If you block out times for writing beforehand, the whole process will become much easier and smoother.

  • Write for yourself, not your professor.

The biggest mistake most students do when writing essays is trying to impress the professor too much. Don’t be like them. Your aim is not to write what your professor or anyone else wants to read – you need to write what you think yourself.

  • Create an outline.

The introduction part, body paragraphs (usually 3 or more), and conclusion are exactly what you need to focus on. Create an outline and write down the main idea for each of them.

  • Do not hesitate to use quotes.

If you cannot find the right words to express your idea, look for them in books and articles you read. Moreover, not only you can include quotes by famous people in your writing, but you need to. However, don’t forget to properly cite all of them.

  • Write paragraphs in the correct order.

Always write the body paragraphs first, the introduction part second, and the concluding paragraph last. This will help you organize your ideas and facts in the correct order.

  • Write down all your ideas and thoughts.

Your first draft doesn’t need to be a single, straightforward essay written from beginning to end. You can write down all thoughts and ideas that come to mind. When everything is already on paper, you can start lining it all up correctly.

  • Avoid plague words and phrases.

Such plague words and phrases as really, and also, on account of, lots of, essentially, and others may create problems, so it’s better to avoid them in academic papers writing.

Expert guide to the perfect essay, or How to get a higher grade

As you can see, writing a perfect essay is not that challenging, if you know how to do it right. The only thing to remember is that you do need time for it. So start early, and you will succeed!

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