The New Revolution of Messaging – With Music!

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with music and remember exactly the feelings and thoughts it evoked in me. I was a young child of the 80’s, on my way to school. My older brother of 5 years was driving me and listening to popular synth electronic music of the decade – Depechemode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” Ironic as that title was, I found myself engrossed in the tune, beat, lyrics, ALL of it. I remember the power it took over me. I was overcome with excitement, with passion. I remember thinking to myself, “This song is so amazingly good, everyone needs to hear this! It’s awesome! How could someone not totally love this as much as I do?!” From that moment on, I started a passionate love affair with music and I’ve been enjoying the ride ever since!

beatshare app - express yourself through music and photos

in fact, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to some Odesza. I find music inspiring and helps me with the creative process, even when it comes to writing! Like pictures, music can evoke powerful feelings, excitement, love, mood, joy, and emotion.

Why do we love music so much? Why is it so powerful and why does it provoke such emotion and passion in many of us? A quick google search brings up tons of blogs, forums, articles on “Why I love music.” The scientific standpoint states that researchers have yet to find the “music” center of the brain, but that pleasure regions of the brain are activated (the same that react to food, sex, and drugs), blood flow rises, falls, and swells in the areas of emotion, arousal, and reward when listening to music (

In my personal opinion and from my experience, I think it is because life is lived, experienced, and enjoyed through our five senses. Music speaks to one of them, is a much more powerful way than 95% of the other sounds we hear during a day. Music is melodic, easy on the ears (generally), soothing, and has existed from the beginning of time. In fact, thinking of sounds, I realize music is hands down one of my very favorite sounds, along with hearing the voice of my loved ones, my cat purr, and the sound of water/waves coming off the back of a boat, while racing through the water.

Like sound, vision is also a very powerful sense. Seeing the face and smile of loved ones, pictures that evoke special memories, a beautiful sunset, can all induce those same kind of powerful, passionate, and emotional feelings we get from hearing music.

When combining these powerful forces that speak to the different senses at once, we get… something incredibly beautiful. And powerful!

Beatshare, the new app that has found a way to unleash the power and potential of music combined with photos and videos, has harnessed this power of combining the senses to evoke such amazing experience and memories, in the most of modern ways to communicate!

The New Revolution of Messaging - With Music!



Within the evolving menu of messaging tools, Each individual using Beatshare is empowered to match clips from over 100 million songs to photos or videos in a way that elevates messages to a personalized art form. It’s a way to not only express ourselves artisticially and share ourselves with others in a complete, sensory way we’ve never been able to do before, but it also helps us understand, and in my opinion, helps us get to know others in the same, powerful fully loaded sensory feeling and experiencing – way. Music sent through the app resonate with recipients in ways words and pictures simply aren’t equipped to do on their own.

“We believe music should be a central component to the way we communicate and that’s precisely why we created Beatshare,” says Eli Aizenstat, founder and CEO at Beatshare. “Whether you’re a creator or spectator, Beatshare taps into the intrinsic power of music. When the beat drops, chorus hits, and a hook repeats, it evokes powerful feelings.”

Beatshare executed its vision across currently accessible platforms in a remarkable fashion. Full music catalogs from Apple Music, Spotify Premium and SoundCloud are integrated in Beatshare, which creates an unrivaled user experience and features a slick design. I love that it makes it that much easier for my to find and share my favorite songs when creating a BeatShare.

The technology allows users to easily package intimate thoughts into a 10-second multimedia message either for direct chats with a contact or to a group of close friends and relatives, who are connected through the iOS app or iMessage extension. Having a tool to create rich media accessible within messaging enables users to create and send truly impressive, unique material, and to do so in ways so familiar, they’re second nature.

Aizenstat, the 24-year-old entrepreneur of Beatshare points out that millennials listen to 3 hours of music per day and send on average a constant flow of 120 daily messages. Beatshare unites the two. Sharing a Beat with a friend connects them with the sender’s now. It’s not a tired old selfie, so one-dimensional. A Beat is a dynamic clip layered in sound, sight, and emotion. The ease of use and integration represents a breakthrough in communication with the potential to rock the way mobile junkies who are crazy about music interact. BeatShare will likely become, the ULTIMATE way to communicate through messaging.

Express yourself through music and photo- BeatShare App

I have to admit, since trying this insanely fun app out over the last few weeks, I’m hooked! My love of music connects me in a way to messaging my loved ones, I just can’t get any other way! Nor would I want to! Messages feel empty, sad, and devoid of feeling without the perfect song to enhance what I’m trying to express. Forget emoji’s! They are now a thing of the past, at least in my eyes! I want TUNES!

Here’s BeatShare in action! This is a fun, flirty one I Shared with my boyfriend, to a song, that well… kind of says it all…


Express yourself through music and photo- BeatShare App


Interested in trying out BeatShare and expressing yourself through your music and photos with your friends?  Check out BeatShare in the Apple Store Here!


Happy Messaging!


Have you tried out Beatshare yet? Let me know your experience in the comments!


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