Exquisite and Unique: Tasty Wine Sent Right to Your Door: Uncorked Ventures

I like my wine. I REALLY like my wine, especially the red. I’ve always been picky about what I drink, and it took me years before I tried a cabernet and finally fell in love with wine. Since then, I’ve gradually branched out in the reds, but I’m still pretty picky about what goes into my mouth. Over the years, I’ve tried dozens and dozens of reds, but usually stick with a few favorites.

Recently I was asked to try out some reds from Uncorked Ventures.  If you haven’t heard of UncorkedVentures.com, they are a fabulous online wine club that picks up the best wines around the west coast, (many of which I guarantee you’ve never heard of) found in California, Oregon, and Washington, then ships them straight to your door each month!

The real amazing thing about this wine club, is that you can score amazing, and some rare wines, at a fabulous deal! The creators of Uncorked Ventures set out to meet up with vineyards, getting to know these companies on a personal level, establishing long term relationships, working along side them to see their wine-making process, and in turn, benefitting you, the buyer, by getting some exceptional wine, maybe even wines they don’t normally offer to their market, at a price you will love!

You can choose from several different wine of the month options, ranging from just $40 to $195 per shipment (shipments include 2-3 bottles of wine). Members also receive special discounts! If you’re a little weary of joining the club just yet, you can always order gift baskets which include fun treats like wine essentials, chocolate, or gourmet foods sent, with your bottle(s) of wine!

Anyway, on to the good stuff… what did I think of the wine? Well my three bottles showed up promptly and packaged very nicely and safely. My package also included a note on the background of the wines as well as good food pairings for it. I thought it was really interesting to read through and get a better understanding of where the wine came from, the wine-making process, this history behind it, and the ingredients found in each bottle.

I dived into the Andis Barbera first and paired it with a portabello mushroom and pasta dinner (as suggested). The flavor is extremely exceptional and although it’s a bit on the dry side (which I love) It is still smooth enough for those who lean towards white or a more smoother wine. 

I loved the rich creamy, smooth taste, and found that it tasted amazing with the pasta, but also on it’s own. I had a glass with dinner and a glass afterwards. In truth, I just wasn’t ready to strop drinking it after dinner. Like I said above, I’m picky about my reds, but this wine is one I could certainly see myself drinking for many years to come! 

I’ve had a great time testing out these red wines over the last few weeks, but the real surprise came from the Buonocore Good Heart Zinfandel. I’ve tried many zinfandels over the years and have never been a big fan. My friend was over one day, and being normally a big beer drinker, she doesn’t venture out into wine much, and when she has with me, she hasn’t often liked my dry reds.

I asked her what she was in the mood for, and she said she would like to try something on the sweeter side. I saw the Zinfandel, and thought, this is one I bet she would like. When I opened it up and poured the first glass (oh yeah, you can bet it didn’t stop at just one!) We both took a sip together, and almost simultaneously, “Mmmmm! This is Good!” I was beyond impressed, and I could see by her face, that she was too! This is one of the smoothest wines I’ve ever tasted. You don’t get that harsh alcohol taste at all. I had to look at the bottle to make sure I didn’t get duped and that it did actually have alcohol in it.

When you take your first sip, you pick up on the delicious blend of cherry and strawberry. It immediately tastes sweet. I could tell I had impressed her! I was impressed too! This Zinfandel is a candy lover’s drink! I loved the sweet taste and I’m a huge fan of berries so I loved that my wine was so flavorful while also rich in taste.

Although it’s so smooth and you almost taste no alcohol in it, by my second glass I was feeling really good. Just a warning to those of you out there who think this wine may be less strong because you don’t taste it. It isn’t! So beware! 

All in all, I am a huge fan of the wine club from Uncorked Ventures. I loved that it helped me venture out from my usual boring cabernet and try some different reds that I surprisingly loved much more than my regular Red Wine I keep stocked. I have a completely new take on Zinfandels, in fact, I dare say, this Buonocore Zinfandel is by far the best Zinfandel I’ve ever had, and maybe one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted too! I’m dead serious. You can bet I will be keeping this wine on hand from now on! My non-wine drinking friend was even completely sold on it and agreed that I should always keep a bottle of this on the rack!

If you are a wine connoisseur,  like to try new wines, or maybe have just gotten bored with your usual, you should certainly give Uncorked Ventures a try! I promise, you won’t be disappointed! This fabulous selection of three red wines were around $115 in total. Well worth the price if you ask me! But like I said before, you can choose your price range if you’d rather stick to a smaller wine budget each month. You can get amazing wines hand selected each month, and sent right to your door! I also love this, as I really hate going to the liquor store here in my small town, checking out the tiny, same boring selection, and always ending up with something just mediocre. No more! I can have some amazing wine stored away at all times that are exquisite, unique, tasty, and sure to please and help create new, lasting memories!

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out UncorkedVentures.com today!

Happy Tasting!

* I was given these products for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. I love wine, especially red wine. I have looked into getting wine delivered to my door but since I live in Oklahoma, they usually don’t. I just checked this company and they don’t either. Oh well.

  2. I would love to take advantage of all the great wine deals I see, but we can’t get wine deliveries in Pennsylvania. We had a really nice wine collection when we lived in NJ.

    Aria H.

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