A Fabulously Flattering Yoga Pant that Stores Your Phone, Keys, and Cash too! #SportIt

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Wow the holidays are rapidly approaching and before you know it, 2016 will be here and we will be planning our New Years Resolutions already! Well in the matters of New Years Resolutions, it’s usually very common to pick a fitness goal, to lose weight, workout more, join a gym, eat better, etc. Sometimes setting fitness goals can be extremely hard to stick with, which is why I’m constantly on the lookout for products that are going to make my life easier when sticking to these fitness goals, and which will add some kind of convenience for my workouts.

I know for me, when it comes to staying motivated while working out, I need my tunes because I need to hear some shake-your-booty music to help me do just that! Have you ever noticed what a pain it can be to lug around your MP3 player while working out? Yeah unless you’re on the stationary bike all the time, you’re going to notice this problem. It’s even hard to run on a treadmill with an MP3 player sitting in the cup holder. I’ve accidentally caught an arm and ripped the cord out of my phone so many times, its a wonder it still even works! The phone arm bands, although a good idea, can still be bulky and every bit as of annoying too, which I why I almost completely avoid them.

It’s not just the convenience of having my music near by that motivates me, but good breathable, move-with-me fitness clothing is always must for me too. I need to look and feel good and being a fashion lover, of course new fabulous fitness clothes are going to be big motivator to get my bum to the gym!

Well I found the perfect product that mixes the two, so of course, I had to have it! It’s the Sport It Yoga legging pants that comes with a fabulous wide waist band that not only conceals a little belly pooch (isn’t that why we all love our wide-band yoga pants?!) but this wide band also contains a couple of pockets to store your keys, gym pass, and MP3 player! Yep this yoga pant actually has built in pockets (two slits in the front, on the inside of the waistband of the pant) for storing your stuff! You won’t have to keep picking up and moving your keys and gym pass every time you need to move to a new piece of equipment when doing some lifting! You can keep it all safely stored right there with you, everywhere you go during your workout!

Yoga pants

The waistband on these fitness pants are wide and big enough to even store your phone, as you can see here! Pretty crazy right?! I could even barely squeeze my crazy big iPhone 6 plus in it! These pants make it a breeze to go out jogging, hit the town on your bike, power walk, or whatever you may do for your workout! I personally will be wearing these snowboarding this year so I have my music player right there tucked away nicely too and don’t have to worry about it getting wet through my coat.

The slits are also small enough inside the pant, that nothing you put in it is coming out of it, until you’re ready to pull it out with your fingers. Which in this case, it’s no big deal removing your things from the pants either, they are easy to grab and pull out. But you absolutely won’t have to worry about them falling out on your own, even while doing a head stand! You can just slide your phone over away from the slit as there is plenty of room in the waist band, and it won’t fall out, even when you’re hanging upside down doing those pull ups from that bar! The nice tight fit of these pants also helps keep your items stored safely up against your body, but are not in the least bit annoying and shouldn’t be jabbing you in the stomach either, unless you happen to have a studded ball on your keychain, which I would probably suggest not using for storing in our Sport It Yoga pants!

sport it yoga leggings

Yep these yoga fitness pants not only make it super convenient to carry and store whatever you will need for your next work out, but they also look and feel amazing too! Like most yoga pants, they give you a very nice bum, who doesn’t love that?! Like I said above, the big wide band not only stores your goods here, even your big goods like you’re HUGE phone, but it also conceals a little tummy pooch, making you feel a bit more confident when sweating it out next to the hot guy on the elliptical!

The are very breathable but also very warm too. I found them great for working out in the cold winter months, even when going for a run outside! They feel and look very high quality and have amazing stretch, thanks to being made from 80% nylon, 20% spandex. They feel incredibly supportive and yet give you an amazing-looking shape too by sucking you in a bit in those lesser fit places.

When these pants first showed up at my house, I thought they were too short and were going to be a capri on me, but even though I’m tall, (5’10) as you can see here, they still come down all the way to my ankle. They stretch out perfectly to give you the perfect length, no matter your height!

These fabulous, super comfy yoga pants, are incredibly flattering and really give me the confidence boost I love in a good piece of workout clothing! I feel stylish even while working out in these babies! They move well with the body and will cause no chaffing either, even in intense, super sweaty, lots of movement, workouts!

They make a fabulous lounge pant for wearing around the house too even when you’re not working out, thanks to them being so incredibly comfy, and providing such a fantastic fit!

sport it yoga pants sport it yoga pants sport it yoga pants sport it yoga pants

sport it workout pants sport it workout pants

I’m pretty in love with these yoga pants by Sport-it! I absolutely love that they not only look and feel amazing, but that they store everything I need right there in the waistband too, without me ever having to worry about losing anything!


Interested in trying Sport-It Yoga pants for yourself or for giving as a gift for the fitness lover on your holiday shopping list? You can pick it up HERE on Amazon! Available in sizes small to X large!


Happy Working-Out!


* I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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