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Life can be crazy! There’s no doubt about that?! Whether you’re a mom on the go or a busy career woman, it seems like there is never enough time in the day! As a psychologist with a masters degree in counseling, I’ve often been asked by many women, including friends and family, “how can I be happier? How can I feel like life isn’t just taking me for a ride all the time, and how can I feel more connected to it instead of just flying by the seat of my pants?”

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Although it may sound counter-intuitive, the advice I’ve constantly given out over the years for all of those questions is simple, find something you love and make time for it EVERYDAY! Feed Your soul! I usually get the same response back every time, “But I just told you I don’t feel like I have enough time in the day!” Well lovelies, if there is one thing I can tell you, it’s that each of us can carve at least a few minutes out for ourselves every single day, even if it means waking up just 10-15 minutes earlier each day, you can find the time, I promise you that, and when you do, if you use it to feed your soul and do something you enjoy and love each and every day, you WILL feel more connected to life! You WILL feel more happiness, and you will have more energy to get through all the mundane and busy tasks of your day! Each of us can find time in our day if we value the importance of this!

It really is that simple, and I promise you, It really will make a difference in your life!

I’ve found a number of things that feed my soul and some that can take as little as just 10 minutes a day. Over the last year, my blog has actually become so busy for me, that I’ve had to work at making time for something I love everyday lately too. What I found that has worked best for me is meditating. It only takes 10 minutes and I feel so energized, so happy, so in tune to the world around me and my goals, wishes, and desires, that I’ve actually seen changes in me as well! I’ve become more patient, more accepting, less judgemental, and less demanding too. Just finding a little time for yourself  can do wonders for the soul, even if its something as small as sitting and reflecting on yourself, writing down your goals, writing in a journal, catching up on Facebook, or connecting with a friend. It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it brings you joy. You’ll find you have more energy for the day and will feel much better on the inside too. I really believe that doing something we love each day, even if its for a very short time, makes us much happier inside too!

Aside from feeding your soul, you can feed your other sole too, you know the one that carries you throughout your busy day! I recently got to try out Rocky 4Eur Sole Footwear, and oh my gosh, I’m totally impressed! Just taking the lovely shoe out of the box, I was like, Ooh what cute clogs! But then when I felt the sole, even with my fingers, wow, AHH-mazing! These soles are so incredibly cushy, supportive, and completely comfortable! And once I put my foot in, oh my gosh, I may trade in all my other shoes for a few more of these babies!

rocky 4 eur sole- 2 insoles rocky 4 eur sole- 2 insoles

You can choose from lots of different kinds of styles of Clogs from Rocky 4EurSole. Each are made of high quality leather, and with two different soles! Yep, unlike other clogs or any shoes you buy, these clogs can actually change for a different look by changing out the sole! One sole comes with an unattached back, the other sole comes with a back to grip your foot, so it fits in their snug unlike a traditional clog where your heel is left uncovered. Not only that, but you can also pull down the strap found on each one of these clogs and use that to hold the heel in place rather than using the sole that comes with a back. You an create 3 different looks with just 1 shoe! Yep, how many shoes do you have in your closet that can actually do that?! See why I said I could trade in all my other shoes now?!

Rocky 4Eur Sole Clogs- 1 shoe worn 3 ways!

#1 – Worn with the back connected insole:

rocky 4eursole with back

#2- Worn with no back:

Rocky 4eur sole worn 2nd way-strap forward, no back for heel

#3- Worn with strap around back of heel:

rocky 4 eur sole worn 3 ways- strap in back

When you wear these shoes around, and for hours at a time, well… that is really where you will notice the difference and the quality of these shoes will really come forth! Rocky 4Eur Soles are innovatively made to provide women on the go with lasting comfort throughout the day! In fact, if you have a job where you’re on your feet all day whether it be standing or walking, these are the perfect shoes for you! Even if you’re not working all day but are a busy mom on the go, you will totally love how much more comfortable these shoes make running those time-consuming errands that end up taking up your whole day and wearing out your feet!

Not only are these shoes incredibly comfortable, but they are also durable, and will last you a very long time, even if you’re wearing them day in and day out! They also are slip resistant, making them a great shoe for wintertime too! These chic shoes are made to empower women on the go to perform, succeed, and endure excessive hours on your feet, as well as the fast pace of your work environment! They truly are fit for a greater purpose!

I got to try out the cute Western Embellished style leather clogs from Rocky 4Eur sole.  I liked these clogs the best because they look like boots when you wear them under bootcut jeans, making them the perfect staple for wintertime. These shoes are so versatile that you can get so many different great looks with them, not only by switching up the three different styles you can get from them, but by also wearing them with different things! These clogs look great with skirts, shorts, summer dresses, even skinny jeggings like I’m wearing below.

If you like a little more color on your shoes, Rocky 4Eur Sole also has bright colored clogs as well as cute clogs in fun prints too! Get a basic clog in neutral for work and splurge on a fun brightly color printed clog for your other daily activities, or perhaps for your “Me Time!”

Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs Rocky 4eursole Comfy leather clogs

Check out the cute video below to see Rocky 4EurSole clogs in motion:


Make your day a little easier and feed your Sole in comfort by wearing a fun, super comfortable, and supportive pair of clogs from Rocky 4EurSole! Check them out at 4EurEole.com today!

Happy Feeding your Sole!


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Rocky 4Eur Sole

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20 thoughts on “#FeedEurSole: Rocky 4eursole Review + GIVEAWAY”

  1. I feed my sole by making sure my feet are comfy cozy all day long in well made comfortable shoes that offer support and good looks.

  2. Hey Thank you so much for being such generous and kind by giving others and especially me the chance to win these beautiful, gorgeous shoes that I’ve never seen like them before, they are really interesting and unique I really love them and hope to win them please Pick me^^
    my soul is very precious to me, I do my best to treat it well by so many things but trust there is nothing better to do than wearing those gorgeous shoes, my feet will thank me for it 🙂 i can’t find the words I love them…:) Thank you so much thank you 🙂
    Sarra from Algeria. <3
    #hope #win #happy #shoes

  3. Hi! I ‘Feed My Sole’ by investing in quality-made shoes that offer my aging feet/back/etc. the most comfort & support as possible! Thanks so much for the chance to win these great & seemingly very cozy shoes! 🙂

  4. Left my comment in the box, but love to do yoga and meditation. Would be AMAZING to win a pair of these beautiful shoes. Being a nurse I’m always looking for comfortable shoes,.

  5. I always treat myself to a pedicure every couple of months. I also use a pumice stone on my feet and wear very comfortable shoes.

  6. cynthia knisely

    I love the shoes. I usually buy my mules from JCPenney’s but these mules are awesome. I would love to win them. I wear a size 9.

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