Love Yoga Pants? I Thought So. You’ll Want to Read This..

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Ohhh yoga pants. I can not even begin to describe how much I love them.  I don’t remember when they came out but I’ve been living in them ever since! I just want to set the record straight right here in writing that I actaully did get them for the purpose of yoga and working out. But like every woman who loves to be comfortable, I quickly became obsessed and started wearing them pretty much all the time (when I’m at home, I don’t go out in public in them!)

But to be honest, my daily routine is to get dressed in my yoga pants and tank top with the goal that I will work out. But I always get busy styling and blogging and then its nearly always the end of the day before I finally get my workout in. So you see, I wear yoga pants pretty much all day everyday.

Which is why I am SUPERRRR excited about this fabulous Fitness Fashion Friday deal from Cents of Style!

Right now you an get any items from the Active Wear Collection at  50% OFF + GET FREE SHIPPING! 
Shop the Sale Here: Fashion Friday Story – 4/29/16 – Active Wear Collection 50% Off + FREE SHIPPING w/code ACTIVELOVE.

Use the Coupon Code: ACTIVELOVE at checkout to get in on the deal! (The code will take 50% off the marked price, with FREE SHIPPING.)


Happy Shopping and err… Working Out!

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