Frederique Watches: Soon to be on Your Christmas Wishlist

This time of year always gets me thinking jewelry, and lately, I’ve been obsessed with watches, so I was super excited when I came across the most luxurious brand of swiss watches… Frederique Watches  These watches are absolutely gorgeous and if one of these beauties was on my wrist, I would NEVER take it off!

As I’m sure most of you know, it doesn’t get better than a swiss made watch. Swiss watches are the best in quality, and the mechanics are usually compared to cars, they are so meticulous, precise, and absolutely immaculate! Some of the best-known watches are made in Geneve. For a watch to be considered swiss made, 50% of its value needs to come from Switzerland.

The Frederique brand of watches are absolutely the exquisite match to what you would expect to find in a swiss watch. These watches are each assembled by hand, and made of the finest quality.

Frederique watches have a very classic and traditional look. This luxurious brand was started in 1988 and continues to thrive in the industry, thanks to its brand of high fashion, high-quality watches.

 Each watch is also checked over a long period of time by both humans and machines. I was surprised to hear this. These watch makers really ensure that you are getting the finest in quality when buying one of their watches. Your watch will be sure to last for many years to come and is something you can pass down to your children, in time.

All Frederique watches are produced in the Geneve shop, in Switzerland. All include a swiss movement and are assembled and controlled by the highest quality of craftsmen, craftswomen, and state of the art equipment.

Here are just a few of my favorite Frederique watches! They are absolutely gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m partial to the “Love Watch” at the top. I adore the classic look to these watches but love that they seem to have a little bit of uniqueness to each of them. For most of you who follow my blog regularly, you know I like a little twist to the classic, and these watches totally fit the bill!
If you would love to get your hands on one of these for Christmas, just like I would, you can check the collection out at Hurry though! These exquisite watches are selling out fast!
Happy Shopping!
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