Get a FREE Month of PlateJoy’s Meal Planner & At Home Meals: Today Only!

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Hey, lovely! If you’re like me, this Covid-19 quarantine has got you in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to eating!

I admit, I eat out far too much and being that I tend to not enjoy cooking all that much, I often find myself eating a ton of processed foods -I know, not great!

But the grocery store madness is keeping me away (except the hunt I’m still on for toilet paper – like wtf? How is it so difficult to find!?

Anyway, I’m steering clear of the stores and getting in on a FREE month of Plate Joy meal planners and food sent right to my door to cook up nightly!

The meals are easy, super yummy and fresh and healthy too, so you can build that immune system and keep yourself and loved ones healthy and strong too!

Here’s the deets:

PlateJoy is offering a free month (no credit card needed) of PlateJoy’s meal planner! You can get it here, and this offer is valid until Monday, March 23, 2020

Get a FREE Month of PlateJoy's Meal Planner & At Home Meals

Get 1 Month of Free Personalized Meal Planning

PlateJoy wants to support those who may be faced with the new reality of cooking all of their meals at home. How we feed ourselves and our families is one of the ways we can care for ourselves right now, and we hope PlateJoy can help make this a healthy, enjoyable experience.

Cooking at home can help pass the time, bring out creativity, entertain kids (and ourselves!), and reveal some hidden talents. And of course, eating healthily is great for our bodies and immune systems.

If you could use a little help meal planning with what you have on hand, getting creative with a few ingredients, or just being inspired to make something new, PlateJoy here for you. (Reminder: you can get optional ingredient delivery through Instacart.)

We’re honoring this gift worldwide, so please feel free to share with those who might benefit.

With love and solidarity, stay safe and healthy!

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