GIVEAWAY: We’re Giving Away Over $500 In Visa Gift Cards – 10 WINNERS!

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11 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: We’re Giving Away Over $500 In Visa Gift Cards – 10 WINNERS!”

  1. My mom loves a nice picture. Of me or my grandpa,or of me and my fiancé/cat,etc.
    I have a beautiful pic that was taken on my grandpas 90th birthday at the dinner we had for him. It’s me,my mom,my fiancé,and my grandpa(my moms dad).
    I was planning on having it put on a canvas before I even saw your gift guide-seeing you recommend it has made me feel even better about my decision!
    I also always get her some type of flower,usually roses,and a little randomly,a new mascara.
    This was a really great gift guide! Thank you for your help and the suggestions(the chef section is a good place for me to pick something for my aunt,who is and has been very much a mom-figure in my life as well-the pots and pans are right up her alley!)
    Thank you for the opportunity-it’s so kind of you,Cindy! : )

  2. Michele Pineda

    I might get her a piece of jewelry, some flowers or chocolate candy, and take her out to eat.

  3. My Mom passed away last year so I won’t be getting her anything. Oh how I wish that weren’t the case.

  4. Donna Porter

    I will probably send my Mom flowers and get her some type of jewelry for Mother’s Day. We all as a family take her out for a nice dinner.

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