GIVEAWAY: Win $2000 Lucky Cash -4 WINNERS

Hey Gorgeous! Welcome to the Lucky Cash $2000 GIVEAWAY!  


Good Luck Lovely! xoxo

Hurry! Giveaway Ends March 17th!

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Terms and conditions: 4 (four) people will win $500 via Amazon GC or Paypal cash.To be eligible to win entrants must be 18 years or older. This giveaway is open world wide, void where prohibited. Winner must respond within 48 hours to confirm using the email that they signed into Rafflecopter with. Winners will be chosen within 72 hours of the giveaway close date. If winner doesn’t respond within allotted time the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be chosen. Winners list will be sent to co-hosts for announcement once the winners have been confirmed.
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50 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Win $2000 Lucky Cash -4 WINNERS”

  1. I felt lucky last June when I won 2 Main Floor tickets to the Metallica concert at Soldier Field 3 days before the show! And it was AWESOME!

  2. I felt lucky when I almost won a trip to Israel years and years ago. I had a bingo at the same time as another girl at a charity event. They then did a draw to see who would win the trip and gourmet food baskets the other girl had the longer straw but I was sent home with a silver necklace that was really pretty.

  3. I feel lucky every day waking up next to the best husband in the world, and spending the day with the best daughter in the world.

  4. Regina Grizzell

    The first time I felt lucky was; as a little girl about 9 or 10. I tried to win a little jewelry box made of cedar.
    I just could not seem too punch the correct number. One afternoon I got home from school. I found the
    Jewelry box. I was told there had been a mistake. I had won. I discovered several years later my parents had
    With family help ( a lot of it ) bought out the entire punch board. That was awesome. Plus I remember there
    Where a lot of gift and candy for all the family’s youngsters and friends as well.
    Now I could, if I am a winner help with my son and his fiancées wedding.

  5. I am feeling lucky for the month of March. 😉 I must speak it into existence. I won on a scratch off last week and felt lucky!

  6. Tracy Robertson

    A few years ago I found a $100 bill just lying on the floor at a Sears store. I felt bad for whomever lost it, but boy, did I feel lucky to find it! It was Christmas season, so the first thing I did was make a small donation to the firefighters toy drive in the mall, then I treated my friend that was with me to Starbucks, and I put the rest towards Christmas shopping.

  7. Tracy Robertson

    I feel lucky that I get to go to bingo tonight! It’s a great mid-week break, and maybe I’ll win!

  8. When I held my son for the first time I felt very lucky. almost five years without any conception and eventually a miscarriage. I am very lucky to have my son.

  9. I won two tickets to a MASTERS of ILLUSION show last night.. But was very upset when I wasnt able to attend it :{

  10. I believe in blessings more then luck and our Lord has blessed us so much already! He spared my husband yesterday when all our cars “accessories” broke down while he was driving, and he got back home safely with a broken serpentine belt….the cost to fix it was far less then we anticipated …we thought something MAJOR was wrong. Praise be to GOD for His many blessings! Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

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