GIVEAWAY: Win $500 In Home Depot Gift Cards – 10 Winners!

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Hey, lovely! Enter to win a Gift Card to the Home Depot!



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Here’s some of the great deals you can find going on now at the Home Depot:

Good Luck lovely! xoxo

51 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Win $500 In Home Depot Gift Cards – 10 Winners!”

  1. We just spent $8000 repairing our roof so I would put this with some other funds saved to fix our ceilings from the bad leaking roof we fixed.

  2. I’d get new carpe for my house. Our carpet is 30 yrs old and looks it. Ew. When ppl come here to visit and ask if they should take off their shoes, I tell them, “ Not unless you want dirty socks!” ?

  3. My garden is my favorite place to be. I could really use a new patio set as my current one has storm damage. And, materials to create raised garden beds would be on my wish-list.


    1. I’m not 100% sure of what we would buy but I know we have a long list of stuff we need from there! We are in the middle of completely redecorating our entire apt and we need paint to paint the whole thing. We need painting supplies since we don’t have those. We need new decorative cabinet and drawer pulls for the bathroom and kitchen. We want a new showerhead and towel bars for the bathroom. We want closet lights and lights inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and under the cabinets above the countertop and above the stove.
    We want to get a gas grill because we have never had one. We need patio furniture and flowers for the patio. I could go on. Haha.

  5. Definitely would spend this on gardening items for my new w backyard! Super excited to be getting a home after nearly a year of homelessness.

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