GIVEAWAY: Win a Must-Have Oil Mister for Cooking + Tons of Other Uses Around The Home

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Hey, lovelies I have an exciting giveaway for you cooking enthusiasts you won’t want to miss!

The Ideal Oil Mister by The Fine Life brand is a Top Rated Must-Have cooking tool for healthier eating and easy cooking!

The Oil Mister is a refillable oil sprayer you can use to control how much oil you use while cooking! I love that with the Oil Mister, I don’t have to buy those expensive olive oil sprays in the grocery store, but can instead fill up this handy Oil Mister with the olive oil I have on hand and spray just the right amount needed on my pan or directly on the food I’m cooking!

The Oil Mister uses air pressure to distribute the oil of your choice while cooking! Just give it a  few pumps and spray! It works great with olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil, balsamic, vinegar, lemon juice, and more!

It sprays an extremely fine mist, so I get just the right amount of oil! It also works great for cooking with herbs & spices, spraying popcorn for some yummy- healthier flavor, spraying foods for grilling, misting vegetables, spraying salads with salad dressing, etc.

The Oil Mister works great outside of the kitchen too! I fill one up mine with water and use it for watering my plants! You can also use it to mist your self on a hot summer day! It can also be used to re-oil outdoor furniture or use it with lemon juice to lighten your hair naturally! The possibilities are endless! Pretty much anything you want misted/sprayed can be used with one of these handy Oil Mister Bottles!


The Oil Mister is available in Grey, Red, or Black!

Check them out on Amazon HERE, and be sure to read through some of the raving 5 star reviews this amazing cooking product has gotten!


Also, right now you have the chance to win one of these amazing Oil Mister’s from The Fine Life for Healthier Cooking!

ENTER TO WIN the Ideal Oil Mister for Misting Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Lemon Juice, Vinegar and more!

A New winner will be chosen every other day during the 2-week duration of this giveaway! – For a total of 7 WINNERS!

Giveaway Open to U.S. Residents Only.

Good Luck lovelies!

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14 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Win a Must-Have Oil Mister for Cooking + Tons of Other Uses Around The Home”

  1. gloria patterson

    olive oil for me never thought I needed one but now I am thinking lots of way of using

    spraying veggies, toasting bagets, potatoes smashed, to list just a few

  2. I have been wanting a mister to use for oil for a long time. I never get one because I just assume they don’t work! But I do want to try it. I keep spray bottles for misting my plants, another one also with water that I use to mist with cooking for instance, sometimes I mist the edges on homemade bread, another mister with water for my hair, another mister I keep to spritz my clothes – it is a great way to get out wrinkles just hang it and mist it and let it try – works for just about any material. But I do want a mister for oil, my other misters don’t work for oil – I use olive, walnut, avocado, and more.

  3. I’d use a Mr mister for cooking oil to spray my pans. I had one and it broke a while ago and need a new one!

  4. I would use it for olive oil.. So much easier than stringing to sprinkle of over veggies or meat before baking!

  5. This would be a great way to reduce my carbon footprint since I go through many oil spray bottles that aren’t refillable.

  6. Melissa Storms

    I would love this to mist my cast iron, it is seasoned but still needs a little evoo to keep chicken breast from sticking.

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