A Guide to The Mother of The Bride Dress for Wedding Ceremony

Making a choice of the mother of the bride dress is as taxing as making a choice for the bride’s dress. She is equally important and needs to look and feel beautiful at the wedding of her daughter. This dress needs equal effort as it is equally important. There was a time when the mother was expected to choose subtle colors and patterns for this big occasion, but not anymore.

A Guide to The Mother of The Bride Dress for Wedding Ceremony

Choose the Style and Pattern After Discussing the Current Trends:

Before you decide on a specific dress for the wedding it is better if you can have a talk with your daughter, since this is her big day. Your daughter can give you a clear picture how this special day will be. You might be having the important information, but it is essential that you look into the smallest of details before making a choice for a dress on this ‘BIG’ day. Long A-line dresses, short gowns, or even traditional frocks and long Skirts can be worn on the wedding day. Depending on the body shape, body features and your colour choice, you can select the mother of bride dress for wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Party: 

It is not necessary that you match the colors of the wedding party but you need to make sure your outfit does complement these colors. Let the bridesmaid’s dresses be sorted out before you start shopping for a dress for yourself. This is very helpful in harmonizing the chosen hues with the dresses of the bridesmaids. This works out easy if the bridesmaid’s dresses are of a uniform color. Pastel shades can be worn if the bride wears something pastel coloured. Bright red, magenta and burgundy colours go well with the bright colors of the bride’s dress and simple pastel colors also work well for the dresses of the bride’s mother.

Style Considered:

It is not necessary to opt for a matron type of look. You are not competing with the bride, but at the same time, you need to have a style statement made with the dress chosen. With the multiple options available these days you can think of looking glamorous to the right level. You can choose between a chic gown, a cocktail dress, a suit which is classic or even a sheath.A Guide to The Mother of The Bride Dress for Wedding Ceremony

Consider the Time of the Wedding Before you Choose Your Dress:

Before conducting a search for the mother of bride’s dress you need to consider the time of the day the wedding is taking place and the season this is in. Comfort is as important as style. With a dress which is uncomfortable, you will not only be uncomfortable but also look out of place.

Mother-In-Law’s Dress:

  • Though we are discussing the dress for the mother of the bride, you need to talk with the future mother in law to find out what is her choice, means, her decision for her dress on this special occasion.  Your dress should not clash with the dress of the mother in law.
  • You need to make sure you are confident wearing a specific style. Choosing a style which might be very much in vogue but leads to discomfort is a big “NO”.

For professional help, you can conduct a search for the right fashion designer. They can guide you on the latest styles and also which can work best for you as the mother of the bride. Remember, your dress is also important, though not as much as the bride’s.

There are different types of colors, patterns and patchworks that are available for the bride of the mother, and it is also important to choose the dress according to materials. Cotton is comfortable, but to add more glamour, one can choose rayons, chiffons and silk dresses for the bride’s mother.

Happy Shopping!

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