Healthy Natural Hair Product Must-Haves to Repair Damage & Fight the Signs of Aging + A GIVEAWAY

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The summer is my favorite time of year, but unfortunately, not only does it do a number on the skin, but the hair as well! All that sun, wind, sand, and salt water can really wreak havoc quickly on hair if you don’t make an extra effort to protect it and nourish it.

The environment can be super drying, and it’s important to put these lost nutrients and hydration back into the hair to restore its balance, as well as leave it feeling soft, shiny, beautiful, and healthy again!

luckily, it’s pretty easy to do just that, when you have the right products at your aid. I’ve slowly been warming up to the importance of using natural, organic, healthy ingredients in skincare and haircare, but in the last year or so, when I saw first hand just how bad chemicals  can be and how they have slowly been affecting my body,  I quickly started getting smarter about ingredients and products I use on my skin and hair.

I have obviously then, been on the hunt for some fantastic natural and organic hair care products that can put that much-needed moisture and nutrients back in my hair while repairing damage done by the sun, environment, and using the wrong chemically-laden products in the past –  and I think I’ve found them! The Raw & Wild Soap Nut Shampoo and Hair Conditioner have been nothing short of amazing! These products gently deep cleanse the hair and scalp, removing dry dead skin cells, while also soothing and calming irritated, inflamed skin and hair (these products are fabulous for those who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis or dandruff!)

Not only does this highly effective, high-quality set of hair products work hard to repair damage, but it also works in harmony with the hair to restore balance, and leave hair looking and feeling so amazingly shiny, smooth, soft, and healthy too!

The chemical-free shampoo and conditioner are also ph-balanced and contain probiotics, as well as absorbable vitamins, phytochemicals, and essential oils to remove toxins from hair, gently deep clean, soothe skin and hair, and restore it to it’s healthiest, most beautiful state.

Made exclusively from fruits and vegetables, these innovative hair products are safe for color-treated hair too, and also provides amazing anti-aging benefits to the scalp and hair as well! The conditioner actually stimulates hair growth!

Nature Sustained Hair & Body

Another fabulous product from this hair care line is the Raw & Wild Soap Nut Body Wash. Like the fabulous hair care line, this body wash is made in much the same way and provides many of the same benefits. It cleanses and foams naturally and feeds the skin much-needed antioxidants, phytochemicals, and uses essential oils to help remove toxins from the skin and nourish and hydrate it. This lovely body wash is packed with vitamins and nutrients to support skin, repair damage, and calm and soothe skin as well. Works great for those who suffer from acne, eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis too. It’s also fantastic for fighting the signs of aging too!

All products from the Nature Sustained brand are eco-friendly and made with renewable energy, and from recyclable material too.

The brand is also cruelty-free too!


Check out my detailed video reviews of these products below:

Happy Beautifying!

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What has been your experience using natural skin and hair care products? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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Healthy Natural Hair Product Must-Haves to Repair Damage & Fight the Signs of Aging + A GIVEAWAY

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    I’d be most excited to try the conditioner!! I need a lot of conditioner… especially with the summer humidity!

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