How to Apply Hair Extensions to Thick Short Hair

It can be a struggle to make wire suspended clip-in extensions look natural on thick short hair, but rest assured it is possible! It just takes some easy tips and tricks to make it look more blended. In this tutorial, Tony Odisho himself demonstrates how to apply Velo Extensions to thick short hair.

First, clip up most of the hair using Tony Odisho’s double-hinged non-slip alligator clips.

How to Apply Velo Extensions to Thick Short Hair by Tony Odisho

Begin French braiding the hair on the right side of the head, starting above the ear. Repeat on the left side. Pin up the two braids so that they don’t show after the Velo Extensions are applied.

Let down a layer of the clipped up hair and then re-clip the top layer. Release another layer of the clipped up hair. Then, using the clips attached to the Velo, apply the second weft of the hair extensions.

Brush out the hair and extensions using the Mixed Bristle Paddle Brush.

Apply Flexible Hairspray for heat protection and hold.

Using the Infrared Curling Iron, curl the hair into loose waves.

That’s it! A fool-proof way to apply Velo Extensions to Thick Short Hair. They look blended and natural, not choppy or disjointed. Try it on your own set of Velo Extensions today!

Happy Styling!

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