How to Combine Area Rugs with the Top 5 Design Trends of 2018

The design trends of 2018 have already settled in our homes, bringing new and exciting looks under the spotlight. From repurposed materials to hot new color trends, design ideas for 2018 are diverse, inspiring and plentiful. However, not only do these trends bring enticing, stylish looks, but they also offer numerous creative ways to implement them. Of course, area rugs, the forever-popular design accessory, are one of the enchanting ways to implement the trends of 2018 in your own home. Thus, you should take a look at these top design trends and area rug ideas that reflect them.

1.  It’s all about colour

Although neutral hues do have a special place on the design scene, bold colours will truly shine in 2018. From saturated hues to jewel tones, colour will liven up homes around the world. Whether you’re a fan of the bright and simple or the bold and dramatic, don’t hesitate to add a pop of colour to your home. And there’s simply no better way to do it than by adding a stylish, colourful area rug that will break the monochromatic monotony and work as a stunning focal point. The best thing about colour and rugs is that you can find them in countless combinations and numerous styles, including traditional and antique, modern and contemporary, rustic and bohemian, etc.
Colour will find its way into your kitchen, too, where you can introduce it through a stunning area rug. A galley-style kitchen, for example, can gain a completely new dimension if you embellish it with a vibrant, antique runner rug.

2. Recycled and repurposed are always in style

As years pass by, we are striving to create green, sustainable homes that will have a positive impact on the environment. This tendency has brought numerous eco-friendly trends that we are eager to introduce to our homes. In 2018, sustainable, repurposed and recycled materials will leave their mark on every aspect and part of our homes, from building materials to decorative items and, of course, area rugs.
Thus, if you’re looking for a way to make your own contribution to the environment preservation, you should choose an eco-friendly rug. Whether you choose one made of natural, sustainable materials or one that is produced using renewable energy, adding an eco-friendly area rug to your home will both style and green it up. You should also think outside the box and find a new purpose for an old rug. An old tribal rug will work as an enchanting design statement if used as a decorative piece on your headboard.

3. Round all around

As a classic choice, rectangular rugs will continue to enjoy their popularity in interior design. However, other shapes are coming to the forefront and mesmerising round rugs are the top choice. Unfairly overlooked, round rugs can truly transform a space and create an ambience of comfort and warmth, especially in vast, open spaces. This shape creates a perfect balance against sharp edges that are typically found in homes, bringing about a softer, more welcoming look. Round rugs can be used all around your home. In the living room, you can combine a lovely circular rug with a comfy chair and design your own cosy nook while in the modern kitchen, this type of rug can bring a homey vibe.

4. Metallics will have their place in the sun

Metallics will be one of the most popular finishes in 2018, bringing a shine out of walls, floors and accessories. Not only do metallic finishes reflect light, making out homes brighter, but they also bring a touch of opulence to a space creating an ambience of elegance and glamour. Thus, if you want to create a more luxurious look in your home, you should welcome a rug with a surprising metallic finish. Combining a metallic finish with a specific rug texture will can create a stylish contrast and an impactful effect, giving your space depth.

5.  Nature as inspiration

Nature-inspired designs will bring a sense of peacefulness and serenity to our homes, filling them with colour, energy and style. From natural materials to nature-inspired colour palettes, in 2018, this will be the trend. As for nature-inspired rugs, you have so many breath-taking options. While abstract designs featuring natural scenery and hues will bring calming subtlety to your space, floral patterns and botanical motifs will give it a unique, lively flair.

Area rugs are always the perfect way to tie a room together and create a cohesive look while also making a design statement. From natural and colourful to surprising and impactful, rugs will bring trends of 2018 to your home in style.

Happy Styling!

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4 thoughts on “How to Combine Area Rugs with the Top 5 Design Trends of 2018”

  1. Dorothy Boucher

    I love having a rug in the house, more so in my living area, I find it just brings everything together
    and gives everything that warm feeling.

  2. gloria patterson

    A lot of good information here. I am wanting to make a few changes in my apartment and this gives me something to think about.

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