How to Fix the Most Common Decorating Mistakes to Make Your Home Stand Out

How to Fix the Most Common Decorating Mistakes to Make Your Home Stand OutEveryone has their own idea how their living space should look like, but when it’s time to design it, you can easily make mistakes. When you end up with something you don’t like it can be hard to fix the mistake and return to the original look you wanted. Most of the times homeowners have no idea what they did wrong and why their house doesn’t look like they envisioned it. Here are the most common home decor mistakes and how to fix them.

Your rug is the wrong size

Picking the most beautiful vintage area rugs for your room is easy, but finding the right size is not that easy. In the bedroom the rug should extend beyond the bed sides, allowing you to put your feet on it every morning and complementing the room. In the dining room, the rug should extend beyond the chairs, no matter how large is the table.

Be bold!

Most people are too afraid to choose the items they like, as they feel they might fail with their home decor. This often leads to plain homes, where there are no personal touches. Such a room is boring and doesn’t say anything about people who live there. To avoid this, think what you want from the room. Do you want to create calm, relaxing space where you can enjoy a book or you want to feel energized each time you enter that room? Once you’ve picked the theme, you can stick to it, buying items which respect this theme.

You don’t consider all the room’s functions

In most houses, a room has multiple functions, so failing to consider all of them when you decorate is a common mistake. For example, in the living room you are going to entertain your guests, work from home, relax and maybe take a nap. For these activities, you need different lighting, so you have to make sure there is enough light for your entertaining lights, but at the same time you can dim the lights when you want to relax or take a nap.

Hang your art properly

Hanging art is not as easy as it looks like. If you feel something is off when you hang your favorite painting, you should reconsider your art placement. Large, individual pieces should be hanged at eye level. If you have multiple paintings in different sizes, they should be hanged aligned at their center-point, not at their tops or bottoms.

Avoid clutter in the foyer

No matter if you have a foyer or not, you need to keep the entryway area clutter-free. Use organizers to store coats, shoes and umbrellas. Use hooks to store the keys and other small items, like your scarves or hats.

You hanged your curtains wrong

Most people hang their curtains as close as possible to the window, but this makes the room look smaller. Instead, hang the curtains halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling. The curtains should be long enough to almost touch the floor. The width of the curtain rod should be long enough to extend beyond the window sides.

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    Thank you for this great information. We just moved into a new house and this will really help me. I not really the best at decorating. Thank you so much for sharing

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