How to Get a Super Straight Style: Karmin Hair Straightener How-To Review

I’ve tried many hair straighteners over the years and while a lot will do a good job, there are only a few that stand out as truly exceptional. You know, the irons that not only give you the ultimate straight hair, but also leave your hair looking healthier and shinier than before you started!

I know, it’s rare to find these irons out there, but I recently got my hands on one of those amazing little flat irons and I’m so excited to share my experience with you as well as my how-to’s for getting super straight hair every time!

I had heard lots of good things about Karmin flat irons for quite some time now, so you can bet I was dying to get my hands on one and try it out for myself! I was thrilled when I got asked to review the super cute pink Karmin Salon Pro G3 professional styling iron.

This amazing iron has a temperature control for all types of hair, so you can find the temp that works best for you! I have pretty dry, course, super thick, long hair, so I went with a hotter setting (you can go all the way up to a super hot 460 degrees!), but you may choose to go with something a bit cooler if you have fine hair. The iron also heats up and is ready to use with seconds, and I love the super long tangle-free cord that comes on this iron, so I can move around my bathroom freely while styling my hair!

You may be surprised that flat irons can do a lot more than just straighten hair! You can also use them to add curls, waves, and/or volume! When you use an extremely innovative iron like the Karmin, you not only get the perfect style, but you will get some serious added shine to your hair too! I was beyond impressed with what this iron did to my hair as you will see below!

The Karmin uses ion field technology to seal in natural oils found in the hair. This is what makes your hair actually look healthier and shinier after use! The negative ions and infrared heat work together in this iron to remove static (you won’t get frizz with this handy tool, even in the dry cold winter!) and will also give you that silky shiny texture. The Karmin has advanced tourmaline ceramic plates and uses professional grade heating which is why it heats up within seconds! It also has automatic sleep mode and will shut off after 1 hour! This baby also comes with an impressed 3 year warranty!

As you can see, this iron couldn’t be more amazing! When I put it to the test, I found that my hair stayed frizz-free even when going out in the super freezing cold, and my hair looked and felt incredibly soft and healthy after using my Karmin flat iron! I always add shine spray to every look and found that this is the first styling tool I’ve EVER used used where I didn’t even need the shine spray! My hair looked just as shiny after using the Karmin, BEFORE I applied the shine spray! I can usually notice a big difference after adding shine spray to my hair, but not after using my Karmin! This flat iron left my hair amazingly shiny all on its own! Even my dry split ends look healthier! The shine spray added absolutely no more shine to my already super shiny hair!

Well, now that we’ve discussed the best tool to use for your hair EVER, let’s talk about how to get a super straight style!

I have naturally wavy hair (especially in the back) and if I don’t use a strong enough flat iron you can tell. My hair will go a little wavy in some spots, especially in the back, underneath part of my hair.

Here are the steps to get amazing super straight hair!

1. Make sure you add a heat safe product to your hair before blow-drying and styling with your Karmin flat iron. (Here I used straightening cream in each section, to get even straighter hair.) Then blow-dry your hair in sections with a brush. Some ladies prefer a round brush. My thick hair tends to get tangled so I stick with a regular flat boar bristle brush. Tip: Don’t use your fingers as this will add oil to your hair and will only shorten the life of your hairstyle.

Divide your hair into sections and blow dry each section. I start at the bottom and work my way up. Clip your hair up and out of the way and remove a little at a time and keep blow drying until dry, until you get all of your hair dried. Use your brush to pull down on your hair, straightening it as you blow dry. Pay close attention to areas where you naturally get super tight curl or wave.

2. Grab your Karmin and start straightening! Straighten in small sections again to make sure that you get every piece of hair straight. I start at the bottom the same way I do blowdrying. I straighten those bottom pieces and clip the rest of my hair up. Then slowly let down more pieces to straighten. I go in a straight line from left to write and work my way up from my neck until I get to the top of my head. *The trick to super straight hair is taking your time and working only a few pieces at a time until you’ve covered all of your hair with the flat iron! 

3. Once straightened, add shine spray You may find like me you don’t even need it after using the Karmin Salon Pro G3 Flat Iron) and voila! That’s it! You’ve got a super straight look that will last until your next wash

hairstyle: how to get super straight hair

As you can tell from these pictures, my hair looks as shiny with the Karmin as it does after applying shine spray!

I’m super impressed and in love with my Karmin flat iron, and you can bet I won’t be putting this iron away anytime soon! My Karmin flat iron really left my hair soft, shiny, and looking incredibly healthy! My hair looks so much better after using my Karmin flat iron than it does all on its own without any use of heating tools!

If you would like to learn more about Karmin and their amazing line of hair styling tools, be sure to check them out today at today!

Happy Styling!

* I was given this product for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.
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