7 Tips to Get Beautiful Longer, Stronger, Healthier Lashes + GIVEAWAY

I recently got back from a trip to Southern Utah where temps were soaring in the high 80’s and low 90’s. I was so thrilled to be experiencing summer weather already, especially after a long cold, wet spring! It’s funny how diving into warm weather when you haven’t seen it for about 6 months, can really turn the focus back on looking good (or rather- what parts of us may not be looking so good!) I lathered up in sunscreen and frowned as I noticed some cellulite that has popped up on my thighs over winter. It was also a bit hard in my bikini to cover the 5-10 lbs of winter weight I seem to inevitably put on each winter.  Sigh. The struggle is real, and as a woman who is getting closer and closer to 40 each year, I realize that some parts of the body are just going to require a bit more work. Lashes being one of them.

As we age, our lashes tend to get noticeably thinner, just like the hair on our head. Lashes can grow in more sparse and aren’t as thick and maybe even as dark as they once were either. Like doing more exercise and eating even less sugar to keep the body looking fit and the weight off as we age, lashes require a bit more attention too. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to do than running on that treadmill for an hour each day – thanks to LushLash from MeSkinLabs – a leading producer of skin care, nutraceuticals and other personal care products.

This amazing eyelash growth serum from MeSkinLabs helps you see results in as little as 10 days! In fact, that is approximately how long I’ve been using it, and I can already see a difference! My lashes look noticeably longer already and seem a bit thicker and darker too!

LushLash Eyelash growth serum has been in the works for years, and uses its own breakthrough technology to restore, fortify and nourish hair for visibly stronger, more voluminous eyelashes and brows by using a proprietary physician-grade blend of 542 proteins, peptides, and stem-cell derived growth factors – clinically proven to nourish and restore follicles for longer, thicker, fuller lashes and brows!

Key ingredients found in LushLash include Redensyl, Capixyl, and SymPepetide- which have all been clinically proven to promote hair growth. You will also find Mesenchymal stem cells and red clover extract which have both been shown to restore resilience and shine to lashes and brows – so not only will your lashes be longer and fuller, but they’ll look healthier and more brilliant too, with daily use of LushLash!

LushLash couldn’t be easier to use either! You don’t need a prescription for it and all it takes is one quick swipe with the brush-tip applicator over each lash line before bed (it can be used on both top and bottom lashes).  It literally takes less than 2 seconds! Apply to brows, if you’d like them grow in fuller and thicker too! You can also apply up to twice daily for maximum results!

LushLash is doctor approved and both safe and effective to use. It’s safe for contact wearers (like myself) and for those with sensitive eyes too! AND it works fast! Much faster than any other lash growth serum I’ve seen on the market! I’ve tried many other brands before and never noticed a difference as quickly as I have using LushLash!

It’s also made right here in the U.S. and is cruelty-free too! It also contains no harmful chemicals, no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or prostaglandins either!

Along with applying my LushLash eyelash growth serum each day, here are some of my other tried and true tips for getting beautiful, longer-looking lashes!

7 Tips for Fuller, Thicker, Longer, Stronger Lashes

1. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascarabut use it 3 times! Use it at the base of your lashes, middle, and then again at the ends of your lashes. I learned this trick years ago and have been amazed by how much more curl I get – making my eyelashes look way longer than normal!  You can also apply some heat to your lash curler by placing it in hot water before using, for even more curl!  Tip: Don’t ever use your curler after using mascara- it can easily rip out those lashes! Ouch!

2.  Just like using primer on skin before applying foundation, prime lashes before adding mascara. Primer helps mascara stick and from my experience, helps it go on much thicker too!

3. When applying mascara wiggle at the base before brushing out towards the ends of your lashes. This helps deposit more mascara at the base, making lashes appear fuller, thicker, more dense and plump too! Always give yourself two coats of mascara!

4. Use a brown mascara at the base and a black mascara on ends. This is also another trick I’ve been using for years. Something about combining the two colors, somehow makes lashes look longer and fuller than just using black alone. Go ahead and apply two coats of brown mascara. Then top with a black mascara on the ends only. Start about halfway out and extend to the tips. I bet you will notice a difference in how much fuller your lashes look, just like I have used this tip! You can also use this trick by applying brown to your bottom lashes, which also has the same effect and makes eyes look bigger too!

5. Look for mascara wands that are curved. Like the natural shape of your eye, curved wands work better for depositing mascara to lashes for a fuller, more dramatic look.

6. Finish your look with black eyeliner. Black eyeliner does a great job of filling in spots and making lashes look much fuller and dense at the base. It’s especially a must-have makeup product for aging women!

7. Don’t forget to apply LushLash before bed each night to help strengthen and grow lashes every day!

Follow these simple tips for longer, fuller lashes, you will feel so much more confident and beautiful in! Now if only there was such an easy solution for cellulite!!


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