How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall + Awesome Tips for Buying and Selling Your House

Fall is already almost here, and with fall comes some great fall home maintenance tips on getting our homes in order for winter and setting ourselves up for the following spring.

How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall + Awesome Tips for Buying and Selling Your House

I just recently bought my first home as a single woman! Woohoo! But maintaining is totally foreign to me and I need to know how to maintain my home for fall and keep my house in order without relying on a husband or partner to do it!

Thankfully, all you single ladies! Maintaining a home is not as hard as it might seem. Here are some tips I’ve learned on how to prepare your home for fall. Following these tips will help ensure that your home runs smoothly and you can safely avoid running into problems in the future (sort of like getting that oil change in your car!)

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Ok, now that that’s covered and hopefully you’ve just saved yourself $5000 on closing costs with purchasing your new home through Homie, let’s get to the fall home maintenance tips!

How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall + Awesome Tips for Buying and Selling Your House

Here are 7 things fall maintenance tips you should be doing to maintain:

  • Cleaning your gutters to avoid damage – This can be easy to do by yourself with a tall enough ladder and some brushes to clean out the gutters. Remove gutters of leaves and anything large that can clog when snow begins to melt on your roof come winter. If you don’t want to do it yourself, it’s easy to find companies to do it for you!
  • Trimming your trees for spring regrowth – Again all you need is a big ladder and some trimming shears. Hire the professionals if you will be cutting down some large limbs.
  • Changing your air filters for clean air – Super easy! Locate where the filter goes on your furnace and remove it and replace with another. Filters are easy to find at your local Home Depot or Lowes. This is also a good time to call in a professional to clean and check your furnace for winter. Most will happily replace the filter for you!
  • Switching your summer sheets for awesome fall flannels or Cozy Microfiber. I bet you’re already doing this! I love a cozy warm sheet in the cold winter! Both sets of sheets are super affordable too!
  • Cleaning and storing outdoor furniture until spring – Don’t wait too long and ruin your furniture or have to wait until they dry out to move them. Here in Utah, I put mine away around Halloween. Locate some space in the garage or your she-shed to store your furniture until spring!
  • Inspecting windows and doors for drafts – If you have newer windows you may not have to worry about this so much. I always inspect my doors closely as this seems to be where most of us lose the most air. Use door draft stoppers to keep warm air in and cold air out!
  • Cleaning out your stove’s exhaust for safety – I like to get some professional help here, but if you’re feeling extra brave, a quick search on google will help you do it quickly and easily! If you have a chimney, nows a good time to get it cleaned too!

With these easy fall maintenance tips, your home will be running smoothing come winter.

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*This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

26 thoughts on “How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall + Awesome Tips for Buying and Selling Your House”

  1. That’s a lot of money saved on buying a new home. Good for you! I used to live in a house and it was a pain to prepare for winter. Now I live in a flat and everything is so much easier, no more gutters, pool preparing or tree trimming.

  2. I think we should keep our house in order before selling that way we could get a higher price. My neighbor recently sold their place but due to the very bad condition of the house, the price actually not very ideal, so much lower than the market rate.

  3. Melissa L Cushing

    Wow… first congrats to you! Secondly… what an amazing savings Homie provides! $10,000 is huge and you can do a lot to your new place with that money. 🙂

  4. This is such a great post! I am hoping to buy my first home soon, and literally wouldn’t have thought of any of these Fall maintenance things!

  5. Your home is beautiful, I love that yellow! These tips are so helpful. My husband works shift work so there are times I have to do some of these myself to maintain our home. I have ever heard of homie, I’ll keep them in mind when we decide to sell. Thank you for sharing!

  6. These are some really great tips! I’ll have to bookmark this for when it comes to the time in my life when I have to think about buying!

  7. Catherine Santiago Jose

    These are great tips and over all cleaning your place or your house is the best thing to do to prepare it for this fall season.

  8. So many good ideas in here – now I feel like I need to get to work! But I love having a concrete list of things to check off rather than just sitting around scratching my head an procrastinating!

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