Innovative and Stylish Tips to Dress Up Your Windows


Windows have many meanings in our lives. They bring the light into your home, offer you comfort during the rainy days and make you feel hidden from the world when you want to. Although windows are usually perceived as functional parts of the design, modern times brought new trends for these home features.

“It all begins with the client’s intended use of the room,” says designer Ann Lowengart. “That helps to determine how much privacy they’re looking for, the amount of natural light they want, or if the treatments will be simply for decorative use.”

Aesthetic is also a very important part of window decoration and style. You have to fit it all in the overall décor without hindering the other elements in your interior design. In addition, these innovative and stylish tips will help you do it flawlessly.

A classic that never goes out of style

Curtains are the most common decorative items we use for the windows. Although, after all this time, one would expect that this trend left the interior design scene, it actually evolved. Now, there are so many types of curtains that every home can have one and still look great.

Multiple layers of contrasting textures on your blinds will add layers to the design and make your windows look extravagant. Use materials with small patterns in order to add more details without cluttering the room with items. Geometric designs bring a nostalgic and funky feel to your home with styles straight out of the 1970s designs.

Of course, flowery details are back for almost two years and their popularity is not questioned. The motifs vary from big buds to small flowers with leafy details. They are elegant and sophisticated which makes them perfect for homes who want to impress with details in their minimalist décor.

Vintage style in a modern home

Shutters are often perceived as something more appropriate for a country house. However, with various designs today, they changed their look and extended their purpose to being an aesthetic contribution as well. The materials also vary depending on their installation and whether they’ll be inside or outside the home.

Wooden plantation shutters on the outside will create a vintage exterior design for your house giving it a strong character and relaxing ambience. Don’t be afraid to accentuate this feature with some bold colours like yellow, red or even Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet. These are all fine colours which will go hand in hand with trees and flowers giving your home a Mediterranean style.

Inside shutters are perfect for those living in apartments and wanting to add a more relaxing atmosphere to their home. They can be made of various materials, but wood is always the most elegant of all. Their function to protect you from the sun and curious eyes is not hindered but enriched with their elegance. Interior shutters are perfect for tall windows since they allow you to manipulate and control the amount of light you wish in your home.

Transparent elegance for your home

You don’t have to cover the windows completely to create a private place. Different types of styles allow you to control how much of the world can come in. Ombré window coverings are perfect to mitigate the sunlight as well as people glancing into your sanctuary. They go perfectly with neutral home palettes and minimalist décor. You can use this colour levelling on curtains especially on transparent materials you can wrinkle for more dynamic effect.

On the other hand, bamboo and blinds are excellent if you want to wake up more organic features of your home design. For a while, these types of blinds were out of the design scene, but they are coming back. This is especially due to the popularity of natural materials and rustic interior design which promotes nature and environmental values.

Shades like those you open from the top are becoming all the rage among those who want to enjoy modern and stylish designs. This type of window decoration is perfect for homes with wall windows and allows you to invite the light from the top without revealing your interior completely. Of course, you can install the ones opening from the bottom or from a side. It’s all the matter of taste and incorporation in the overall interior décor.


Before installing the shades, ask yourself what you expect them to do. There are solutions for your every desire and taste on the market today. Therefore, you will have no problem in finding a perfectly stylish and innovative decoration for your windows.

Happy Styling!

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