Interior Design Tips for Travel Trailers

You may be familiar with the concept of travel trailers from your childhood, but did you ever envision that they would become so trendy all these years later? People are opting to travel the country in cozy little travel trailers, and the retro styles like the teardrop and the Airstream are particularly popular.

They’re fun, versatile and they give you the opportunity to see unique places even on a budget.

Of course, if you have a trailer or you’re planning to buy one, you’ve probably been doing quite a bit of Pinterest browsing for interior design tips. Decorating a travel trailer comes with a unique set of challenges including the small space, so below are some simple but chic interior design tips you can consider.Interior design ideas for travel trailers

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The ultimate goal of decorating a travel trailer is to make it your own. You want to personalize it and spice up the standard interior it comes with. One of the coolest materials you can use to do that is peel and stick wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpaper is just what it sounds like and it’s super easy to install, and available in beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. It’s generally inexpensive, and if you get tired of the design, you can easily take it down and add something else.

You can brighten up the drab colors of a travel trailer and give it some rich texture and dimension with peel and stick wall coverings.

You might do the whole trailer or just a feature wall.


Your travel trailer will probably come with various seating areas, and dining spaces and some elements might include upholstery, so go ahead and recover it.

You’re only going to need a small amount of fabric so you can go with something more high-end than you would otherwise to give your trailer a luxe look and feel. While you’re at it, add some throw pillows as well.

Throw pillows, blankets, and other soft furnishings will give the space a homey feel and easily add depth.

Organization Everywhere

Your travel trailer space is limited, so put organization bins, baskets and containers everywhere. You can find cute options that match your décor, and they’ll help you stay organized on the road.

Plumbing and Light Fixtures

In interior design, whether you’re considering a travel trailer or a home, two of the best places to change things out are the plumbing and light fixtures. Changing these two elements can go a long way in revamping the look and feel of any space.

You can think about adding a small chandelier if you want a soft, romantic feel in your travel trailer, and update your plumbing fixtures to give the space a more luxurious and expensive seeming aesthetic.

Finally, painting cabinetry is also a good idea. Usually, travel trailer cabinets are going to be dark, drab and basic, so add a fresh coat of paint and change the hardware to breathe new life into your travel trailer.

2 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips for Travel Trailers”

  1. Thank You for sharing these important tips with us.. They are all necessary for a decent looking and working traveling trailer. I never would have thought of the peel and stick paper for the walls. Great Idea.. Happy Traveling…

  2. gloria patterson

    Great suggestions….. There was a TV show on a few years ago were they found the “OLD” trailers and fixed them up to look like the originals. People are paying big bucks for the trailers. If I could afford I don’t know which I would want a trailer or a RV???

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