A Couple Gross Beauty Products You’re Ingesting & A product to help Save Those Lips As Well as Put Your Mind to Ease!

In a recent trip to a health specialist, I was told that I was having some unfortunate womanly health problems due to Herbicides and Pesticides found on the tons of veggies and fruits I consume daily being a vegetarian and a devoted juicer. What the?!

That’s what I said too, the things that are supposed to make me healthier and give me longevity are the very things causing me some unfortunate side effects (I won’t go into detail about!) “Yep,” said my doctor. “This is exactly why

organic is so important.”Well that was quite the lesson to learn when it comes to food, I can only image the lesson we learn when it comes to using toxic, non-organic products on our skin.

As you can imagine, organic Everything has become extremely important to me, over the last few years, and even more so in the last month, thanks to this crazy news I recently became privy to.


Like food, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms are some of those products that are going to be ingested here and there. I know, kind of gross when you think about it, especially now when I think about how many of my most coveted cosmetics are not organic! Ugh!

Well, I’ve at least so far found a great lip balm that IS organic! And if there is one skincare product I would choose to be organic, it would be lip balm! I’m a total addict and probably apply it 10 times a day or more! I can only imagine how much of it is getting into my mouth and in my system when I’m constantly following up my lip balm application with water throughout the day, food, snacks, etc.

The organic Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm was created by a mom in her kitchen, to be that healthy organic lip balm we can relax about, and just enjoy its yummy taste and it’s incredibly moisturizing benefits!

The Lip balm lip primer is USDA organic, eco-friendly, as well as Paraben free, chemical free, PESTICIDE free (hallelujah!), and cruelty-free certified too! It’s safe for everyone to use, including kids! You can also pick up this yummy lip balm in mint, strawberry, or coconut (my personal favorite!)

kiss me honey chapstick

These incredible lip balms use organic unrefined shea butter, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, vitamin E., grapefruit seed extract, organic sweet almond oil, and organic peppermint oil. These chapsticks are totally as yummy as they sound and they contain far fewer ingredients than you will find in other lip balms! And as you can imagine, using all of these incredible natural and organic ingredients (that are well known for being incredibly moisturizing and soothing) in this lip balm, are indeed soothing, refreshing, tasty, softening, nourishing to the lips, and moisturizing too! It protects lips from harsh weather conditions (sun, wind, pollution, etc) as well as helps keep moisture in, in case you tend to naturally have dry skin and lips like I do, and/or if you aren’t the biggest water drinker either! It provides a barrier to the lips which not only keeps moisture in, but harmful irritants and pollutants out!

kiss me honey chapstick

I’ve been using this amazing line of lip balm over the last week and have had some fantastic results with it! First off, I feel great knowing that if I’m indeed ingesting any of it, it’s not doing any harm to my body, and has none of those horrible pesticides that have already been making me sick! I also put it to the test, not on purpose, but I ended up hardly consuming any water all day Saturday, and well if that wasn’t bad enough, I also kind of dehydrated myself good Saturday night with a little too much Wine. When I woke up Sunday, you can probably imagine the condition my lips were in (and my head!)

I went right to the shower, my water bottle, and my Kiss me Honey Lip Balm, and was amazed that my lips were immediately softer, hydrated, and no longer dry, course, and chapped. And they stayed that way all day too! I thought for sure I would be reapplying my lip balm a few more times throughout the day, but that wasn’t the case at all! I dare say this is by far one of the better lip balms I’ve ever used, especially when it comes to rehydrating the lips and leaving them soft, silky, and smooth again – and it acutally staying that way!

kiss me honey chapstick

Wanna try some of this yummy, fabulous lip balm for yourself? Shop it and learn more at KissMyHoney.com


Happy Beautifying!

*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. Yes!! I think we should be totally conscious of what we are putting on our bodies!! Just as much as what we are putting in them!! Yay for no nasty ingredients!! Especially in something that goes on my lips and I probably end up eating throughout the day lol!

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