The Lazy Girl’s Guide to 3 Minute Hairstyles

No heat tools allowed for these looks! Simply create looks while hair is wet, allow to dry, and Voila! Reveal beautiful waves, curls, and face-framing styles!

Read on to see how to get these super easy styles in just a few steps that will only take minutes of your time!


1. The Face-Framing Waves

The Lazy Girl's Guide to 3 Minute Hairstyles

*Works best with layered hair and shorter hair lengths.

How to get it:

1. When hair is wet, loosely pull front pieces back behind the ear and secure with 3-4 bobby pins on each side.

2. Once hair is dry, release bobby pins, and reveal some lovely waves that frame the face!

3. Use some Styling Cream to help add some nice texture and hold the face-framing pieces in place throughout the day.

*Tip: Stay away from brushing, as this will add frizz into the hair.


#2. Natural Waves

The Lazy Girl's Guide to 3 Minute Hairstyles

*Works best on those who have natural waves or curls, and with any hair length.

How to Get it:

1. After washing,  apply Hair Repair leave-in-conditioner and let hair dry about 60-70%.

2. Twist hair into ropes, twisting away from the face. You can vary the look by using tighter twists for tighter waves, or looser twists for looser waves.

3. Once dry, gently shake out and use a little Waves Sea Spray to really bring out the definition and texture of the waves.

Tip: The fewer the twists, the smoother the overall look. Again, don’t brush this style either, as brushing will lead to frizz.


#3. Ringlet Curls

The Lazy Girl's Guide to 3 Minute Hairstyles

*Works great for any hair length and texture.

How to Get it:

1. When hair is wet, add Styling Gel to hair while wet to help hold curls.

2. Place wet hair up in buns on top of the head. Secure with elastics and let dry.

3. Once completely dried, pull out buns and finger comb curls to reveal gorgeous ringlet curls!

Tip: The more buns, the more curls, body, and overall bounce of hairstyle.

Tip: For shorter hair, secure buns on top of the head with bobby pins to avoid unwanted creases in hair from elastics.


There you have it! 3 super easy hairstyles you can do in just minutes with very little product and absolutely no blowdryers, hair straighteners, or curling irons! Most styles will last for 2-3 days too, so you can add a little dry shampoo to your look and extend your styles throughout the week!

Happy Styling!

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  1. I am loving this ringlet curls! Now to remember how to do it ha! I think I MIGHT be able to do this as it is just styling gel. I dont have any of it, but I am going to try this. I have longer hair and hate styling it.

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