Look Fashionable & Chic With the Right Formal Evening Dresses

For a woman, to look in her gloriously brilliant best at any formal event, it is de rigueur that she chooses the perfect evening dress.

Look Fashionable and Chic With the Right Formal Evening Dresses

What are the Trends?

For men the choice is relatively simple. It is a black tux with a bow. For women the choices can be confusing. Should she pick one off the rack or opt for pricier designer style formal evening dresses? Should she choose a dress that every celebrity is wearing or should she pick one that highlights her personality and style? The profusion of styles, colours, brands and fabrics can make it difficult. In majority of cases a woman may choose to play safe and go with what is currently the popular style. This is usually a full length dark dress for a classy timeless look. The devil is in the details as one says so explore them.

What are the Various Types?

  • Sleeves: This depends on your arms. If they are slim and perfectly rounded you may look just breathtaking in a sleeveless dress. For others, some sort of sleeves will add fair, especially when sleeves are embellished with embroider or jewels.
  • Cut and flow: Evening dresses are expected to be flowing to make a sweeping style statement. The ideal dress fits perfectly at the top and gracefully billows and swirls as it descends. You cannot go wrong with this type of formal evening dress.
  • Neckline: The neckline deserves attention. A woman with perfect shoulders and front would find a V neck and a low back formal dress just the right thing for her. You can be daring with your choice of a strapless dress but can you carry it off?
  • Two tone or single tone: For those who are more generously endowed a two tone evening formal dress may be more suitable while slimmer body types can pick a single dark tone highlighted at the waist, neckline and sleeves with glittering jewels or contrasting embroidery. It is these little accents that transform the mundane to the exotic and let you get away with a cheaper dress but still ooze class.

Look Fashionable and Chic With the Right Formal Evening Dresses

One of the most preferred fabrics for evening dresses of the formal type is satin. There is nothing like satin (or silk) for that slinky chic with a flowing look that flatters the figure. Velvet does look gorgeous provided the figure is full and the colour is right. Deep dark rich colours in velvet and plain flowing lines are simply unmatched. However, keep in mind your body type.

Formal dresses for evening occasions gain in charm and style when aligned with body types. For instance, if you are the pear type then you would want to add ruffles or embellishments around the neck and shoulders to draw attention to the top and balance the top to bottom look. If you have a symmetrical look then your dress could do with enhancements around the shoulder, bust and waist to create illusion of curves when there are none. Ladies with the hourglass figure can emphasize the waist and wear close fitted gowns. Women in the apple category will benefit by choosing dresses that emphasize waistlines, a V neckline and a top that drapes the body instead of backless type of dress.

That said, you can follow the rules and make the easy choice by opting for a gown. You could also consider white instead of darker shades. There is something about white that other colours simply cannot match, so give it a try. It does not have to be a gown. Knee length satin skirt and a matching top with the right accessories are just as impressive. Make your style!


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Happy Styling!


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