Lumsing Portable PowerBank Review + GIVEAWAY

How often have you been out and about or traveling, only to look down and see your phone is at a 10% charge, and you immediately freak out? I don’t know about you, but this sends me into panic mode pronto! Even if I’m not expecting a call or text or even need to make one, just knowing that I’m away from my charger and my phone is about to die, will give me some serious anxiety.
In this day and age, a great majority of us are dependent on our electronics all throughout the day. I got my dad, who is retired and in his late 60’s, an iPad a few year back, and I never see him go anywhere with out it! I have nieces and nephews as young as 2 that will take the family tablet on the road so that they can play their games. 
There’s no mistaking that electronics have become very important in our culture, so important that I know I’m not the only one who gets some serious anxiety when her phone is about to die and she can’t get to her charger any time soon!
I like to think I’m technologically advanced, but then again maybe I’m not, because I had no idea what a  power bank was until about a week ago. If like me, you have no idea, you will wonder how you’ve ever gone without one, I know I did!
A powerbank is a portable mobile charger you can keep with you wherever you go. You just charge it up for a few hours, then it has enough charge that you can use it to charge up your iPhone, iPad, anything with a USB cord, on the go! You can usually get 3-5 charges out of a power bank at one time! 
I recently got to try out the Lumsing Ultra Slim Portable power bank (only $19 right now on Amazon!) and I was thrilled to give this a try and finally see if this sexy little power bank could help relieve my anxiety when I’m out and about and my phone is about to die!
I charged it up for a few hours, then decided to give it a test run. I was completely surprised AND impressed to see that it charged up both mine and my husbands’ iPhones (which were both nearly dead) as well as my iPad too! I think the Lumsing power bank could’ve charged up more things if I had more of them to charge! What a relief knowing this little baby can charge up at least three separate things on only one charge!
It’s incredibly easy to use, you just plug your charging cord into your phone (USB end into the power bank) and that’s it! It will start charging up your phone immediately! 
My husband has actually used a few different power banks even though I had no idea about them (he travels a ton for his work) and when he saw my Lumsing sitting there he picked it up, and the first words out of his mouth were, “Can I have it?” Then he proceeds to tell me how I can have his old one. I was like, “you had one of these and I never even knew they existed!?” Anyway so I had him try it out as well and compare it to what he had used in the past. In his words, “This one is way better then my other power bank, it looks good, plus its durable. Also the case is nice (that it comes with) so I don’t lose the charger cable!” 

Overall, the Lumsing power bank was a hit in my household! I love that I can keep it in my handbag, charged of course, and can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will always have a fully charged phone, no matter how long I’m out! You can bet I won’t be leaving the house without my Lumsing power bank, because I no longer want to ever have to worry about getting that horrible anxiety when I look down at my phone and see I’m at 5%!  The Lumsing power bank will keep you from ever having to feel this way every again! It’s a great back up everyone should have and for only $19, why not?!

If you would like to learn more about the Lumsing Ultra Slim Powerbank, check them out on Amazon HERE. It works will all kinds of phones, tablets, and other USB supported devices! Also be sure to check out what other amazing devices they sell, at

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Also, the lovely people of Lumsing are letting me GIVEAWAY one of their Ultra Slim power banks to one of my lucky readers!

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  1. My two daughters, my mother and I have the iPhone 5c and my mother has an iPad. I would use the power bank to charge the iPhones I’m sure. I would love to win this but I’m also thinking these would be great happys for my daughters for Christmas and probably will go ahead and buy them. Thanks for introducing me to this product and for the giveaway.

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